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How to plan a summer wedding

summer wedding

Nothing is more wonderful than a summer wedding. Between warm weather and late sunset, there are no reasons not to hold your wedding in a sunny outdoor location. But don’t forget about the heat, UV rays, and insects, you would need to protect your guests from these elements. Read this guide to plan and enjoy […]

Where to have weddings with the pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the wedding industry incredibly hard. Vendors are going out of business, venues are closing, and us wedding planners have a hard time suggesting the next move. But we don’t have to throw the white flag yet. Instead of looking for a big wedding party with many customers – which is not […]

How To Get Wedding Stage Decoration Right

No wedding truly complete without wedding stage decoration. It is the most focal point of the ceremony – where the bride and groom say the magical vows. The right theme can turn your event into a magical one that you have dreamed of. Because it is that special, we often put a lot of effort […]

How To Decorate Your Wedding Reception Table

On the big day, decorating your wedding reception table is one of the best ways to let your personality truly shine. But before you start putting all you like on showcase, keep in mind that there are more processes than just displaying with the first items you come across. Decorate a wedding reception table that […]

What can a wedding planner do for you?

Although it seems a simple question, a wedding planner‘s ability changes with each and every client. This unpredictability is one of many reasons the wedding planning field is so attractive to us – WedinStyle. Each couple has a different story to tell, and we are more than happy to deliver that in the ceremony, decoration, […]

Wedding style: Traditional Wedding – Should you choose it over modern style?

Linh & Nam Wedding

If you’ve ever been to a Vietnamese wedding, you should recognize the timeless theme influenced by culture. There are fireworks, traditional clothes, drinking, rituals, and the loud cheering for an eternity of happiness. It can be an overwhelming experience and a very touching one as well. After all, this is when a couple becomes spouses […]

Wedding style: Garden and Outdoor Wedding – 8 tips for planning right

Garden and outdoor weddings naturally have a slightly more relaxed feel with colorful flowers and verdant foliage as the backdrop. But they can also be stylish, glamorous, creative, and perfect to exchange vows for many couples. Above all, brides and grooms crave a wedding experience that’s deeply connected to nature so their own new beginning […]

Wedding style: Rustic Wedding – 5 steps to plan perfectly

The rustic wedding is one of the most popular wedding themes today. The trend keeps evolving year after year, giving endless possibilities for your special day. As a matter of fact, Rustic Wedding is among our favorite choices when planning a wedding because of the versatility that makes it perfect for any season. So in […]

Wedding Style: Beach Wedding – A Quick Guide To Decide

beach wedding

A wedding by the beach is perfect for couples who want to create a bright, romantic atmosphere for their big day. The style is all about a carefree aesthetic that easily allows the natural beauty of your revenue to shine. But ocean-side weddings require careful planning and thorough research to really take off. Beach weddings […]