Wedding of  Minh & Kid

The train ride with you needs no destination.

Where would the train take us? It doesn’t matter because we are together. Whether it is sunny or rainy, when we are together, it is a beautiful day.

Kid and Minh met on a train trip to Thanh Hoa, then he took her on a getaway train to Ninh Binh, where their elopement wedding happened.

By the river and mountains, they had fun with friends, lit up a fire, and had meals together. And that was where Kid sang the lyrics of “Một Đêm Say” – “when my lips were still red, I would say I love you…” In the drunken love of a ceremony just for them, they shared a kiss that seemed to last forever.

The cottagecore concept had a Japan vibe, imitating Conan and Ran in the comic book. Seeing them have fun in the images was an unforgettable experience.

Love really has many beautiful forms.