Wedding of  Mathilde  &  Theo 

Each time a couple exchanges their rings, we have the opportunity to listen to their love story and how they got here. But there is nothing quite like the ceremony of Mathilde and Théo. After Mathilde walked down the aisle with her father, people began to take seats. There was a lectern so close family and witnesses could take turns to share their feelings. Many prepared a copy of their speech. And we soon realized that is the French style, in which the groom and bride are surrounded by the people they cherish the most and hear all the kind words as the witness of their love. The speeches lasted about an hour and we got to hear the most lovely vows from Mathilde and Théo. The history, the love, the future were all included as a promise of their love for each other. The ceremony was simple, but the feeling was so real. As bystanders, we couldn’t keep our hearts from softening after every speech. Even though we didn’t understand a single word, the emotion needed no explanation. Wish Théo & Mathilde all the best, and thank you for letting us organize your wedding.