Wedding of  Linh & Jinsu

Do you believe in fate? Believe that there are people born for each other?

Linh and Jin met for the first time in Sydney, on a strange business trip, when she was through a marriage and had two adorable sons. He was 6 years younger than her, maybe because of that, at first she felt his feelings for her just like a newly loved boy, she thought he was too young to understand what true love was. She did not accept that sentiment. A long time passed, the two of them separated geographically, thinking that there was no way to develop this relationship. But whatever comes must come, they met again in Korea, with many incidents happened and she just feel how much his feelings are for her. The feelings of a mature, serious man.

Then the geographical distance is no longer problematic for a sincere love. Fate is the predestined relationship that causes the two to meet for the first time. But it takes us time to grow, to improve ourselves, to recognize each other, and then destiny brings us back together.