Wedding of  Carole & Robert

A seaside wedding party with the sound of the waves, the wind blowing through the green coconut palms, in a fresh space filled with the salty taste of the sea, Carole – Robert with relatives and friends had moments of refreshment, play, chat on the grass and settle with the moment when they exchange the most loving and sweetest words in the witness of everyone and especially the two boys lovely. When the sunset falls, everyone uses the party together in an open space shimmering with lights, candles, the atmosphere suddenly becomes more exciting and joyful when the guests dance, sing, and join into the music space. The children enjoy their own corner to paint, play, and laugh together.

Everyone seemed to have had a long and memorable trip when choosing Mui Ne, Vietnam as the destination for this special occasion. WedinStyle despite having accompanied hundreds of weddings, large and small, all over the country, but the crew could not help but feel emotional about the journey this time. Check out the photos of this wedding party and don’t miss a moment.