A Cottagecore-Inspired Wedding in Vietnam For Van & Thanh

Cottagecore-Inspired Wedding

During this time of chaos and complexity, deciding to hold a wedding is not an easy task. But being moved by Thanh and Van’s 8 years of love, we are eager to create intimate and unforgettable memories for their wedding. So we decided to make a cottagecore-inspired wedding in FLC Resort Thanh Hoa with a distinctive decoration that suits their love story. Keep reading to see the album!

A Cottagecore-Inspired Wedding in Vietnam For Van & Thanh

If one thing that lasts in us long after the wedding, it is the affection that Thanh and Van have for each other after all this time. During the finger printing ceremony, Thanh said: “Since pink is Van’s favorite color, I’m gonna chose blue”. That sweetest thing just made us melted, and we knew they are destined to come together, since each is the other’s safe home to stay and take care of. That is why a cottagecore-inspired wedding theme is just perfect.

With a combination of brown and white, the whole venue looked a bit rustic and country, yet still have the necessary luxury. The cornflowers formed a curved pathway leading to the altar, while the surrounding was full of fun activities for the guests. We had a bar for drinks, a hat stand for free cool hats, a sofa corner for taking pictures, and even a dart board to challenge each other. Just like the relationship between Van & Thanh, there isn’t a boring moment. But what really stick out must be the evening ceremony.

While all the guests gathered around, Van & Thanh watched close friends and relatives sharing their best wishes. Some couldn’t make it due to the current pandemic situation, especially Van’s little sister. So she recorded a sweet song for the couple. They also got a chance to look back at their surprise proposal – how Thanh asked Van to marry him with more tears in his eyes than hers. It was a happy start for a new life together after 8 years of marriage, and we are glad we were a part of it.

We truly wish Thanh will always to be the person who think about Van first as the man on the stage that day, to preserve her light smile and beautiful soul as we always see on her.
They now have their happy forever after, we believe so.

_Planner Notes_ (Vietnamese)
Câu chuyện nhỏ phía trên chỉ là một trong rất nhiều tình tiết ngôn tình mà Vân vẫn hằng mơ ước. Để đi đến quyết định tổ chức cả team đã phải cân nhắc rất nhiều các biện pháp để đảm bảo an toàn sức khỏe cho khách mời và tất cả ekip tham gia, các hạn chế về lưu thông vận chuyển và thời tiết. Đặc biệt hơn đó còn là ngày nắng duy nhất trong chuỗi một tuần mưa liên tiếp, khi nhìn thấy mặt trời lên hôm ý khiến Vân thấy mình thực sự là một người may mắn. Nhưng với tớ, người may mắn nhất hôm đó vẫn là anh Thanh vì đã gặp được Vân, cô dâu thơ thẩn nhưng lại nhạy cảm và hơi OCD một tẹo :>.

Tớ mong rằng và tin rằng tiệc cưới này sẽ là một mở đầu cho cả một trang dài đầy ắp những hạnh phúc đơn giản mà ấm áp như những gì cả hai luôn dành cho nhau.

Our couple: Thanh & Vân
Planner & Concept: nguyễn thảo
Decor: WedinStyle – The Stylish Wedding Planner of Vietnam
Venue: FLC Sầm Sơn
Photo: Musée

WedinStyle – The Stylish Wedding Planner of Vietnam

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