What Is A Micro Wedding And How To Plan It?

Planning a wedding is a big responsibility – and an equally great investment – that leaves modern couples a headache over whether it’s worth it or not. Weddings these days averaged well over 30,000 dollars, and the number of guests? It may drop slowly, but most couples still celebrate with almost 150 friends and family members (which doesn’t really deserve the description “closest and dearest”). You and your partner may have talked about an elopement wedding, but if you know you can’t go against all traditions, there’s another option: a micro wedding.

Sound good just by the name, especially in time like this! Let’s learn about this small-scale celebration in this article!

What is a micro wedding?

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A micro wedding

A micro wedding is an intimate ceremony, typically with no more than 50 guests. It still has all the traditions that make a wedding but on a smaller scale. For this type of wedding, you probably won’t invite your boss from work or a distant cousin somewhere.

So, how do you know if a micro wedding is right for you? You need to put three factors into perspective:

  • The budget
  • The location
  • The number of people you absolutely must have at your wedding

These criteria need to be considered thoroughly, since you are planning a wedding that is better suited to a small group. Which means you will have to leave some people off the guest list, and that is a hard decision to make.

Other than that, a micro wedding provides more quality time with guests at lower cost, and you can limit your carbon footprint by using less resources for the wedding.

How to plan a micro wedding?

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How to plan a micro wedding?

Once you’ve decided to go on with a micro wedding, it is time to see how to create such a small-scale celebration without losing the magic of your special occasion.

1. Find a venue

One big advantage of a micro weddings is the availability of multiple locations. While large weddings are limited to spaces that can accommodate a large group, couples planning a micro wedding can choose everything from boutique restaurants, art galleries, an intimate beach, sunset cruises, or a secret garden. Just make sure every guest have enough space to celebrate.

2. Only invite the closest and dearest

One of the most important aspects of a micro wedding is that you only invite the special people that you must see at your wedding. Create the invite list, discuss who makes the cut, and consider the plus one option.

3. Be creative with wedding elements

Fewer guests means more space for creativity. A small wedding guest list can help you create a more unique venue with custom cocktails, games, elaborate decoration, and anything that suits your style.

4. Make it personal

Without too many guests, it is easier to have a thoughtful ceremony. After all, it is your own wedding. You can have handwritten invitations, hand-picked flowers, calligraphy cards, and anything else that will leave a mark on your memory.

5. Turn to the pros

While a micro wedding seems easy to make, there are still many elements that you may forget or don’t know what to do. Enter a wedding planner. A pro wedding planner can ensure every detail is created just the way you want and dissolve much of your stress. Look for someone who can create what you love!

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