What you should know about the modern wedding ceremony in Vietnam

We have different weddings around the world with various procedures. For Vietnamese, the wedding exists to celebrate the happiness of the bride and groom, as well as the uniting of two families. This is an important day not only for participating couples but also for both sides of the family. Back in the days, there were many formal etiquettes for such an occasion.

However, nowadays, Vietnamese weddings have seen many changes in procedures, styles, and activities. This article will give all you need to know about the modern wedding ceremony in Vietnam so you can join the fun right the way.

1. The modern wedding ceremony in Vietnam still has a deep meaning

When we talk about the law, the relationship between men and women is of high value and is protected by the law of Vietnam like other countries around the world. Marriage bonds two people by legal.

However, the Vietnamese wedding ceremony is not only a form of legal procedure, it is also a moment for relatives, friends, and people to recognize the couple as husband and wife. Under these witnesses, a couple can proudly announce their marriage. To spread the fun, the music can be quite loud so neighbors know about it too!

2. Modern wedding dresses in Vietnam have evolved

The wedding dress is an important part of a Vietnamese wedding because it makes a beautiful bride radiant on the most important day of her life. During the Nguyen Dynasty, a woman wore an ao dai with a headdress at a Vietnamese wedding. The gown was red because it symbolized good luck. Whereas the groom wears a simpler equivalent of male outfits, usually in blue.

Today, most couples are interested in fashionable clothes that differ from traditional wedding dresses in color, materials, design, and style. There is often a white lace long dress and a vest at Vietnamese weddings.

3. Modern Vietnamese wedding ceremony

It is very important to choose the date and time of the wedding ceremony. Vietnamese people believe that having a wedding on a good day will bring luck and happiness. Therefore, they often choose the date and time according to a fortune teller. Moreover, the symbol of “Song Hy” in Chinese characters (double happiness) are all hearty rituals in Vietnamese weddings, traditional or modern.

A modern Vietnamese wedding ceremony still includes asking permission for the bride, receiving the bride at her house, and taking the bride to the groom’s house. If it is your first time to attend a Vietnamese wedding, don’t be afraid of moving a bit.

4. After the ceremony

Back in the days, the couple and the groom’s parents would go back to the bride’s house to greet her parents after the ceremony. They will bring offerings as glutinous rice, a wine bottle, and a capon. This is often reduced for a modern ceremony, but you may still encounter it.

And that is it, what an interesting event for people to join in a modern wedding ceremony in Vietnam. If you are planning to making a wedding in Vietnam, WedinStyle is always available to help. Contact us through the information below!

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