Why Couples Should Consider Destination Weddings As A Cheap Option

Even during these times, destination weddings are still one of the hottest trends around. Couples around the world are ditching tradition to have a more stress-free, interesting, and cheaper wedding option. Yes, that’s right – Destination wedding as a cheap option is what you should know.

The average cost for destination weddings is only about $20,000, far less than traditional weddings in the states. People in New York can spend more than $100,000 on their big day, which is a lot.

So why are destination weddings are cheaper and even more interesting? Let’s find out!

Sweet location

Ever dreamed of getting married on a Vietnam beach? Or in the lush valleys of South Africa? Having your big day in paradise us a good reason enough, but the icing on the cake is the cheaper price. Depending on your destination, your dream wedding can be more doable than you think.

Stress-free ceremonies

You may not be able to save money with this one, but saving time and stress is invaluable in my opinion. The experience is all about you and your lover, so the less stress you face, the more you enjoy your special day.

Major resorts often have full-time wedding coordinators on hand – hire them, sign the papers, and all is taken care of! If you want to hire your own wedding planner, that’s a great option too – just contact us!

Marvelous decoration

There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on decorations when your location IS your decorations. For a traditional wedding, a lot of your budget goes to flowers and decorations to give the venue a sturdy look. The destination wedding, on the other hand, embraces the natural beauty of the place and uses it as an ornament instead. By using the beautiful scenery of your destination as your backdrop, you will save thousands of dollars on your wedding budget.

Fewer guests

Destination weddings are often more intimate when only a small number of close friends and family attend. Even if you send out invitations to so many people, it is likely that only your closest and loved ones will spend time and money celebrating at your destination of choice. Not only can you deliver a more luxurious experience to your guests if you have fewer guests (on a smaller budget!), but you can also spend more time with the people who really matter to you.

Follow-up honeymoon

Many people choose to have weddings at their destination extending their stay to include their honeymoon. Most resorts offer several packages that encourage you to have your wedding and honeymoon at the same location by giving you all kinds of bonuses and discounts. This will lead to substantial savings in the long run if that’s what you decide to do!

Destination wedding as a cheap option

Are you convinced about destination weddings as a cheap option yet? Take some time to do research and you can see for yourself. Of course, the final choice is entirely up to you. But if you want some advice, we are always available!

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