How Much Is The Average Cost Of A Wedding Planner in Vietnam?

When it comes to one of the most important days of your life, we always recommend hiring a wedding planner if you can. Not only can they create a magnificent ceremony, they can also offer much-needed guidance on style, budget, timelines, and everything in between. Moreover, they are experts at handling any crises that might come up and ruin your day. Given that much benefit during your wedding process, a frequently asked question is exactly how much is the average cost of a wedding planner?

To be honest: the answer isn’t an exact number for everyone. The average cost of a wedding planner depends on many factors, mostly because there are different pricing based on services and location. Since we are a stylish wedding planner in Vietnam, this article is going to focus on getting married in Vietnam. So, if you are thinking of getting married on the pristine white beach of Phu Quoc or lovely mountains of Ninh Binh, here is the average cost of a wedding planner in Vietnam by WedinStyle.

Basic services of a wedding planner in Vietnam

The most basic wedding planner services usually include:

  • Consulting the wedding services that the bride and groom need (location, dress, makeup …)
  • Decorating a wedding that perfectly captures the couple’s story on the big day.
  • Managing and coordinating the entire event and the program structure during the wedding.

If you don’t have enough budget for a complete package of a wedding planner, you can hire them to deploy a part of the wedding party (such as hall decoration, flower decoration, stage decoration …) and more as agreed.  All wedding planners in Vietnam will not force you to choose the entire service they provide. You can ask them to advise only the necessary services at the wedding to fit your budget.

For example, at the wedding hall, you can just decorate the welcome area with a beautiful flower gate to take photos with guests without investing heavily on the stage or dining table decoration, or you can ask to decorate only the main items of the wedding party if the number of guests is big but the budget is limited. For the best result, the couple should communicate with the wedding planner about the budget limit right at the start to get the best advice.

The average cost of a wedding planner in Vietnam

The average cost of a wedding planner in Vietnam

A wedding usually consists of three basic elements:

  • Wedding party (Food & Beverage)
  • The decoration at the wedding venue
  • Event programs and program management

To organize a wedding, the bride and groom definitely need to prepare the cost for the wedding party. The average fee for a dinner party table currently ranges from 10,000,000 VND ($500) to more than 20,000,000 VND ($1000) per table of 10 people. For decoration, the budget will depend on the needs and special requirements of the couple. Regarding consulting, designing, and managing fees, some wedding planners offer 10% of the total cost, others have specific numbers.

One more cost that you should notice is for the ask for the bride ceremony – this is when the groom comes to the bride’s family home to take her back to his house as a part of the tradition. This often cost about 40,000,000 VND ($2000) to 60,000,000 VND ($3000).

Finally, you need to account photography and video making for the wedding. This often needs about 20,000,000 VND ($1000) to 40,000,000 VND ($2000) more.

As you can see, the average cost for wedding planning now adds up to about nearly 200,000,000 VND ($10000), which has not include revenue cost, costume cost, and other cost that a wedding normally would need. This price can vary for each couple with different budget, so try to find the wedding planner that can represent your love in a worthy way.

Final words

How do you think about the average cost of a wedding planner in Vietnam? The cost above is approximate and can change in real situations, so feel free to consult with us if you need advice. We are WedinStyle – the stylish wedding planner in Vietnam, at your service!

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