How To Decorate Your Wedding Reception Table

On the big day, decorating your wedding reception table is one of the best ways to let your personality truly shine. But before you start putting all you like on showcase, keep in mind that there are more processes than just displaying with the first items you come across. Decorate a wedding reception table that is beautiful, cohesive and reflects your love requires a good plan, but we promise that the result will be worth it. You can use this simple guide to help you decorate your own perfect reception spot and welcome guests with a style.

Understand your style

You can’t just choose to decorate your wedding without a solid idea of how you want your whole decoration to end up looking – Classic? Minimal? Bohemian? Rustic? – so if you haven’t decided on a specific wedding style, take that as step number one. It’s hard to describe your dream wedding vision, or just choose a style and stick with it, so if you’re having trouble, don’t think of your wedding style as everything that matters. Focus more on the feeling that you want your wedding to evoke (relaxed, edgy, romantic, modern ) instead of limiting yourself to a specific subject (rustic, beach), sometimes this can feel too overbearing or cliché. Tell your planners what you like, such as a comfortable atmosphere with rustic and bohemian outfits, so you can have room for creativity and flexibility when choosing your wedding decor.

Check your wedding reception table spot

See where your reception table locates, there may have been many existing charms or other decorative features, such as accented walls, landscaping gardens, stained glass windows, fountains, lighting fixtures or ceiling beams. Consider how you can design your wedding decorations to highlight those details, and how you can benefit from using them. If you get married at an outdoor location, such as a beach, a lake, or anywhere with a view, you may not need much decoration to get started. In fact, being overly enthusiastic about decoration can make things hard to blend together.

Wedding reception table details

You have the total call over what to put at the reception spot, so you may as well pick some items that you would like to put there. Here are some examples, based on the things that we often choose to decorate for couples:

Wedding Signs

Chalkboards are a great way to decorate the entrance or introduce the cocktail bar. Personalize it by giving it an old frame and spray gold to match the rest of your decor. Drape with greenery or a garland and start writing! Or you can have a big wooden board that is carved with the bride and groom names, some wild white daisy are around to make things look lively.

Wedding Flowers

Wedding Reception Table

Wedding flowers are an essential part of any ceremony and decoration. They create mood, define the couple’s style, and bring the mood to the atmosphere. If you want to save on the flower budget, you’re okay with lots of greenery. Dusty miller, Eucalyptus, seeded eucalyptus, ferns, and leaves are all great options to create lush arrangements.


Wedding Reception Table

When planning wedding table decorations for the reception, the centerpieces are at the center and draw everyone’s attention. If your venue is big, small center centerpieces will be lost. On the other hand, a more intimate space can’t be filled with too large table decorations. If the room has a high ceiling, you can be flexible with flowers because they can reduce visual height. Finding balance is the key

Family Photo Wall

Wedding Reception Table

For an easy conversation starter, create a wall of wedding photos with your family. Devote a row to your other half’s family, or just mix them all up. You can hang all the pictures of your own memories too, so guests can see how you guys got together.

Photo Backdrops


Create a stunning focal point that can also act as a photo backdrop. You can play with layers of different colors and shapes to give attendees different elements to marvel at. We often go with a wall of beautiful flowers, but you can make your own too, with customizable like balloons, greenery, or paper flowers.

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