How to plan a wedding in Vietnam?

Every bride and groom hopes that their wedding will be meaningful, special, and memorable, that’s why they put a lot of effort into planning a perfect wedding. But easily said than done, there is too much work that the couple can handle by themselves. Especially if you want to plan a wedding in Vietnam – somewhere maybe a million miles from your country.

But as a veteran wedding planner in Vietnam, we have seen many couples falling in love with the country and only want to place their special day here. Whether it is the white sand beach, the beautiful jungle, or luxury resorts, Vietnam has a place for every lover. Not to mention the price is really reasonable too. So if you want to plan a wedding in Vietnam, keep reading and see how to do it with us!

Wedding styles in Vietnam

In addition to the traditional wedding, the growing trend for ‘destination weddings’ means that a large number of international couples who are not resident in Vietnam are also planning to celebrate their special day in the country. At WedinStyle, we often make Elopement weddings, Destination weddings, or Weekend weddings for couples to enjoy their time with families and friends. There are many styles to choose, but we often recommend which suits the couple’s story and desire the most.

Despite some differences in customs, to our surprise, most mixed-nationality couples would want to maintain some important Vietnamese wedding traditions with respect to their spouse’s Vietnamese family culture. Especially the ceremonies involving coming to collect the bride from her family home. You can read about the traditional wedding of Linh & Nam to find out more.

Pick a location for your wedding

plan a wedding in Vietnam

Some notable locations to plan a wedding in Vietnam is:

  • Da Nang – A modern and friendly beach city
  • Hoi An – The historical city with beautiful photo spots
  • Nha Trang – Marvelous beach with luxury resorts
  • Con Dao – The most beautiful sunset in Vietnam

Most of the time, you would want a location that is not only beautiful but also suits your budget, so we will help you find the perfect place and the venue accordingly. The venue should be able to provide comfort to all the guests while promising an unforgettable experience. Without many local contacts, it can be hard for you to find a location and revenue for your wedding on your own.

There are countless beautiful locations across Vietnam to hold a wedding, from mountain retreats to luxury beach resorts. Take a look at our real weddings to see where we have made their love bloom. WedinStyle is based in Hanoi, but we are always ready to travel across the country and plan your wedding for you.


If a foreigner is getting married to a Vietnamese groom/bride, there is some documentation to prepare for legal marriage registration. All documents need to be translated into Vietnamese and certified before you submit to the Department of Justice in Vietnam. There are slight variations depending on the nationality of the foreigner so it’s safest to check the exact requirements with your home country or the Vietnamese embassy.

Once the documentation is arranged, you can have both a religious or civil wedding ceremony in Vietnam. A civil ceremony needs to take place at the local Department of Justice when a religious marriage can take place in a temple, church, or other venues such as a hotel.

Ready to plan a wedding in Vietnam?

Your wedding, no matter the location, should be the best day of your life and head to the future ahead. So do not hesitate to contact us for professional consultancy via email or hotline + 84 4 39440374/75, we will give you all the information and consultancy you need to plan a wedding in Vietnam. Your happiness is the most important thing to us!

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