Wedding Style: Elopement Wedding – What Is It and How Can You Plan in Vietnam?

So you are engaged – woo hoo! Now, it’s time to start thinking about your wedding plans. But the idea of a luxurious wedding with hundreds of guests just doesn’t stimulate your mind at all. You want something more special for you and your fiance’s taste.

The phrase “elopement wedding” comes up and immediately attracts your attention. An unconventional adventure for your nuptials – with you two in a special location like a secluded mountaintop, accompanied by just a handful of the most important people to you.

That is a beautiful vision, but there are many factors that you need to consider: your personalities, your budget, your preferences, your life circumstances, your families’ preferences, etc.

If that is bugging your mind and you can’t quite decide if an elopement is a way to go, this is the guide for you. Here at WedinStyle, we have professional wedding planners to share the best knowledge that you should consider when planning an elopement wedding.

Elopement Wedding Definition

Many people see an elopement wedding as running away without telling buddies or family, but that interpretation has changed over time. Nowadays, an elopement wedding implies that you are getting married and celebrating with just you two or a small gathering in a minimal, more informal fashion.

Elopement Wedding’s Particular Traits

See the following unconventional elements of an elopement wedding to see if they fit your style:

Anywhere can be a venue

With an elopement, you have endless options to hold your ceremony. It can happen in the jungle, on the mountain’s top, at a public park, between buildings, a family’s member property, anywhere that you like.

The destination of an elopement wedding is essentially wherever you prefer to, as long as it provides enough meaning. They usually require minimal setup, so you can imagine all you like. But make sure you think of your guests’ attendance possibility.

No extensive guest list

An elopement ceremony often consists of the couple, the officiant, witnesses, photographers, and wedding planners. Because of the location, the guest list is often more casual than a usual wedding. The positive side is no seating chart needed!

Budget is not much of a problem

Elopement packages are often an affordable alternative to couples on a budget. But even if you have money and want to save up for the honeymoon or the future, it is all fine.

An elopement wedding is all bout what your heart wants. And it doesn’t need many invitations, venue, decor, food, or time to make that.

Your experience is the most important

Those few minutes of the ceremony are the most important of your life. So if you want to make sure the essence is captured and everything is planned, you should get some help.

Wedding planners, photographers, videographers, they can help you find an under-the-radar location to get the best experience. And the photos are to share with your friends who can’t be there.

How to plan an elopement wedding in Vietnam?


if you are unfamiliar with local places and the price, things can get tangled when making your elopement wedding. So take the financial and social pressures off the table by hiring a professional wedding planner.

WedinStyle has made many elopement weddings for couples in the most special locations. And we take care of everything for you so you can focus on what’s most important – each other.

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