A Passionate Weekend Wedding in Ninh Binh for Mathilde and Theo

THEO & MATHILDE weekend wedding

Victor Hugo said: “Life is a flower, of which love is the honey.” To French, love is not a declaration, but a discretion. It is the little things that matter. And we were lucky to be a part of that sophisticated philology by making Mathilde & Theo’s weekend wedding.

In a three-day time, the couple, alongside their closest family members and friends, experienced an intimate time in the beautiful scenery of Ninh Binh. We made plans for many activities and events that were not only affectionate but also passionate in an authentic French style.

Here is a breakdown of the weekend wedding:

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THEO & MATHILDE weekend wedding

Ninh Binh is considered Vietnam’s hidden gem because of its majestic natural landscape. So on the first day, guests and the couple had the morning to explore.

Then, at night, everyone gathered for a heart-warming rehearsal dinner. With the anticipation of the wedding ahead, there were toast, tasty foods, and many good cheers. It was also a chance for Mathilde & Theo to show appreciation for the presence of everyone.

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THEO & MATHILDE weekend wedding THEO & MATHILDE weekend wedding THEO & MATHILDE weekend wedding

On the big day, guests were welcomed with cocktails to bring up the mood. Then comes the ceremony that lasted about an hour. We have made many ceremonies, but there was nothing quite like Mathilde and Theo’s.

After Mathilde walked down the aisle with her father, people began to take seats. There was a podium so close family and witnesses could take turns to share their feelings. Many prepared a copy of their speech.

And we soon realized that is the French style, in which the groom and bride are there to hear all the kind words by the people they cherish the most.

Then we got to listen to the most lovely vows from Mathilde and Theo. The history, the passion, the future were all included as a promise of their love for each other. The symbolic rings fit into their hands like destiny.

The ceremony was simple, but the feeling was so real. As bystanders, we couldn’t keep our hearts from softening after every speech. Even though we didn’t understand a single word, the emotion needed no explanation.

After that, there was dinner and an after-party. The famous croquembouche – a dessert with piles of pastry puffs was one unique wedding cake. Then the couple’s friends got their time to share their thoughts and showed some goofy plays.

We found a French DJ in Hanoi that knew how to rock the atmosphere the way French people like. It seemed to work because people didn’t stop dancing until 3am. Some even stayed and talked until 5am.

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Mathilde & Theo weekend wedding Mathilde & Theo weekend wedding Mathilde & Theo weekend wedding

On the last day, everyone got up late in the morning, so there was a brunch waiting. And the party is ready to begin again.

BBQ is on, and the DJ started the music again. Before we knew it, people were jumping into the pool already! Later, the guests wrote the kindest words for the couple and posed for group pictures.

And that was the end of the weekend wedding with Mathilde & Theo. But it was also the beginning of a new life together. In that, they accompany the affection of families, friends, happy memories. And all the little things that matter.

As for us, it was an unforgettable experience planning such a French wedding. The passionate dancing must have captivated our hearts somehow.

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