Wedding Style: Destination Wedding – What Everybody Ought to Know About

destination wedding

Throwing a destination wedding means you’re in for a total “pinch me” experience. Imagine exchanging your vows on a pristine white beach while overlooking the beautiful sunset of an exotic resort. Your family and friends surround you, making an intimate ceremony. Just picturing could make anyone swoon. But in reality, planning a wedding from a far distance can present a few challenges, and you need the right strategy and approach to pull it off.

In this article, we will give you all you need to know about a destination wedding, based on our latest event of Ha & Jose in the marvelous Phu Quoc island. Whether you’ve decided on a dream ceremony in the tropical weather or not, we got you covered with the essential information, from choosing the perfect venue to coordinating every detail and getting help from a wedding planner on-site. Let’s get started!

What is a destination wedding

A destination wedding is a beautiful adventure for a couple. In the sunset by the pristine white beach of a faraway place, the groom and bride give each other a vow of eternal love, under the witness of their dearest ones. That is the picture you should have in mind.

It doesn’t have to be at the beach, just need to be a place far away from your hometown. And because of the distance, you should consider bringing only the closest family members or friends to keep the atmosphere special. You may worry about the budget to make a destination wedding, but it is not really more costly than a regular wedding.

Every wedding detail can be arranged at a resort to suit every guest’s taste. After the wedding ceremony, the celebration for the couple can last for hours or even days, with meals and outings pre-arranged at a reasonable cost. The best thing about a destination wedding is freedom. Everyone can wear a flip-flop or randomly jump into a pool!

Where can you have a destination wedding

destination wedding

The short answer: Anywhere you desire. The longer answer: If you got legally married outside of your country, you would need to abide by the destination’s wedding requirements and bring all the necessary documents. Ask the Tourist Office for some advice and also consider your own interest. A wedding on a tropical beachside can be different from marrying in an exotic garden.

Couples on a budget can also marry inexpensively at an all-inclusive resort. Many resorts offer free basic ceremonies to couples who book a stay for three nights or longer. And if you want to relax your mind, a wedding planner on site can arrange everything for your multiple-day ceremony.

The perks of having a wedding planner at your destination

  1. Local wedding planners know the best attractions, accommodations, and activities to recommend to your wedding guests. We will give you pictures of our couple Ha & Jose below.
  2. You’ll pay for a lot less for planning time with an event coordinator who regularly works with your destination.
  3. There’s no hard work involved when it comes to choosing wedding vendors at your ceremony because an experienced planner will already have a thorough list for you to choose from: music, photography, catering, etc.
  4. Because they’ve planned multiple events at your specific venue, they know from experience all the potential regulations of the property
  5. A planner who works most of the time at the destination you’re getting married will have access to discounts on services and products that no one else can get.

Ha & Jose destination wedding in Phu Quoc

destination wedding

For Ha & Jose, we wanted to give them not only a romantic ceremony but also treasured memories with family and friends. Afterall, Phu Quoc was chosen as the destination because the couple loved the place and wanted their guests to enjoy the most beautiful sunset spot in Vietnam with them.

Having made many weddings for interracial couples, we understood our job to create a pleasant experience for both sides. So in the tropical atmosphere of the island, we made sure all the guests could enjoy their time together while we took care of the activities.

They joined an ask for the bride ceremony just like in the mainland right at the resort. They dip their toes in the sand to see the beautiful flower arch where the couple said their vows in the sunset. They had joy and laughter playing games by the pool until midnight.

Because above all, it is the memories that stuck with everyone that attended the wedding. Not just the beautiful scenery, but also the genuine bond that connected two new families.

See the pictures for yourself and enjoy the experience. And if you need any help to make your own destination wedding, our contact information is right below.

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