Wedding style: Cruise Wedding – 7 things you need to know before planning

When you have yourself a cruise wedding, you can imagine the ocean breezes carry romance through the air while you guys exchanging the sweetest vows. A view to look at, and a memory to stay forever. But you can not just call the boat captain and hop on the boat, you will need careful planning to create a ceremony that lasts a lifetime. Here’s a list of things that you should know before planning your perfect cruise wedding.

1. A cruise wedding is not for everyone

I will have to be brutally honest with you about this. If you dream of having 300 people looking at you elegantly walking with hand-picked flowers in your hand, a cruise may not be the best place due to weather conditions and high cost. Also, if you are having a honeymoon on the same ship, you have to consider if your cabin is big enough, do you have to eat with other people, and can your relatives or friends join this trip with you?

2. Pick a cruise that fits with your style

Every cruise ship has its own special features! For us wedding planners in Vietnam, it is always a pleasure to sail under the sunset in Halong Bay, but the cabins won’t be as big as a five-star cruise ship in Europe. Look for one that matches your own style and can provide the entertainment, amenity, and dining that you need. Think of an experience that everyone can enjoy.

3. Watch out for seasonal additional fees

Cruise weddings have become so popular that some cruise ships may surcharge for certain times of the year. Valentine’s days, other holidays, preferred wedding months such as May and June can be the high-demand time that you need to call first to see if there is any additional fees that you need to take account of.

4. Let your guests know about the location soon

You don’t need to send out the invitations right at the moment you have booked your cruise, but do let your guests know in advance so they can prepare for 1-2 days off work, sea-sickness prevention, and alert you with any requests that they may need.

5. Make sure your cruise wedding is legal

You need a marriage license for wherever your ceremony is held. Try to understand all the logistics before signing on and plan well in advance to prevent any sudden troubles. Ask your wedding planner to explain all the details and suggest which port or cruise ships that are easy to get legal documents so your wedding won’t get any hitch along the way.

6. Make planning easier with comprehensive packages

A wedding planner helps you right from the start, and the comprehensive packages from the cruise ship can take the stress out of planning your wedding. These ackages can include everything from the officiant to cake and streamers. Once you are out there in the ocean, it will be hard to get an alternative, so make sure things are carried out in shores.

7. Relax and enjoy your new life together

Once the ceremony’s over, enjoy the ship’s facilities and your well-deserved time for each other. Find some quiet corners on the deck so you can simply enjoy being together as a newly married couple!

That is all you need to know before planning your perfect cruise weddings. With a helpful hand from WedinStyle – the stylish wedding planner in Vietnam, you won’t have to worry about a thing with your ceremony. We have made many beautiful cruise weddings in Halong Bay or Phu Quoc island, so you are in good service. Just contact us with the below information.

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