Wedding Style: Beach Wedding – A Quick Guide To Decide

beach wedding

A wedding by the beach is perfect for couples who want to create a bright, romantic atmosphere for their big day. The style is all about a carefree aesthetic that easily allows the natural beauty of your revenue to shine. But ocean-side weddings require careful planning and thorough research to really take off.

Beach weddings are unlike any other types of weddings, you need to consider many aspects to make it work. Do you want a beautiful wedding like Dong Nhi and Ong Cao Thang? Then make sure you have a wedding planner to take care of all the hassle for you. Here at WedinStyle, we are always available to give your special day the best looking, feeling, and memories. Now, let’s see the aspects you need to know before planning your wedding by the beach.

1. Is it a public or private beach wedding?

Since most beaches are public property, anyone can tie the knot in the sand. But other beachgoers and sun tanners can access the space, too. If you want privacy and seclusion, consider finding a private property, or asking a resort to reserve an area of the beach for your event.

2. Having a ceremony, reception, or both?

There’s a big difference between a ceremony on the beach with a reception to follow at a more traditional reception space (hall, restaurant, etc.) and a full-on beach blanket bingo with a hundred of your nearest and dearest. So before you start researching anything, figure out what kind of beach wedding you’re asking for.

Permits and ordinances vary depending on what kind of gathering you’ll be having, but the path of least resistance is to have your ceremony on the beach, and then move the party somewhere that’s better equipped to handle a party

3. Is a special permit needed?

Not every public beach requires a permit for a wedding, but you should check with the city regardless. Some beaches have rules about bonfires, music, guest count, alcohol. If you do need a permit, make sure to understand the approval process, fees,  insurance, and other important factors. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

4. How is the accessibility to your beach wedding?

The half-mile walk to your oceanside altar may seem dreamy, but can your Grandma, who uses a wheelchair, make it to the ceremony to see it? Will your guests be standing? Are there options for those who will need to sit? Consider your guest list and figure out if any additional accommodations will need to be made. Also make sure that rentals, such as chairs and tables, can be easily delivered to the site.

5. What about the noise?

Do you really want crashing waves to interrupt your vow exchange? Because waves are kind of loud if you haven’t noticed. Prepare for natural noise by getting a professional sound system and finding a way to power it. Will your guests be able to hear you? Do you need amplification? Getting a windscreen for your microphone so breezes won’t affect the sound output is really nice in our recommendation.

6. Nice weather by the beach, or is it?

Many seaside celebrations are in warm climates. But while tropical weather feels nice, guests may become uncomfortable in the sweltering heat and beating sun. Make sure your ceremony site has sufficient shade, especially if many children or elderly people will be in attendance. Rain and hurricane season should be checked as well, you don’t want your guests to be swept away while you are speaking.

Due to the high heat and humidity of tropical climates, some flowers won’t survive until your first dance. Chrysanthemums, calla lilies, king protea, or orchids are all blooms that tolerate tropical weather, while decoration with fresh fruit, seashells, or other nautical elements will be really creative.

7. Don’t forget about the food for your beach wedding!

If you’re having a buffet, choose foods that can handle high temperature, and avoid things that easily melt or spoil like cheese, buttercream cake. The food can be a decorative element too, so try to figure it out with both your wedding planner and revenue provider.

And that is all you need to know! Get these questions answered and you can start having your perfect wedding on a romantic beach coast. We also have had our toes in the sand for many couples having ceremonies with an ocean sunset, so give us a call at WedinStyle hotline if you need any help!

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