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Wedding style: Bohemian Wedding – 6 easy steps to create

bohemian wedding

Are you and another spirit of freedom about to join hands together forever? Perhaps you would want to celebrate in a non-traditional way such as a bohemian wedding. Can you imagine exchange vows in the middle of a vast forest? An awesome bohemian wedding is untraditional, quite adventurous, and gives you a memorable wedding without […]

Wedding style: Modern Wedding – An easy guide to do it right

It is 2020, and times have changed a lot since the days of your mama’s traditional weddings because of new trends and modern technology. But at the end of the big day, a modern wedding is all about reflecting who you and your fiance really are as a couple. Your ceremony is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity […]

Wedding style: Traditional Wedding – Should you choose it over modern style?

Linh & Nam Wedding

If you’ve ever been to a Vietnamese wedding, you should recognize the timeless theme influenced by culture. There are fireworks, traditional clothes, drinking, rituals, and the loud cheering for an eternity of happiness. It can be an overwhelming experience and a very touching one as well. After all, this is when a couple becomes spouses […]

Wedding Style: Indoor Wedding – The Ultimate Guide

indoor wedding

The unpredictability of the weather is no joke for the most important day of a couple, which is why some would decide to have their ceremony and reception in an indoor wedding venue. Regardless of the weather factor, the indoor venue is also great to control guests, plays, or music. So if you are wondering […]

Wedding style: Garden and Outdoor Wedding – 8 tips for planning right

Garden and outdoor weddings naturally have a slightly more relaxed feel with colorful flowers and verdant foliage as the backdrop. But they can also be stylish, glamorous, creative, and perfect to exchange vows for many couples. Above all, brides and grooms crave a wedding experience that’s deeply connected to nature so their own new beginning […]

Wedding style: Rustic Wedding – 5 steps to plan perfectly

The rustic wedding is one of the most popular wedding themes today. The trend keeps evolving year after year, giving endless possibilities for your special day. As a matter of fact, Rustic Wedding is among our favorite choices when planning a wedding because of the versatility that makes it perfect for any season. So in […]

Wedding Style: Beach Wedding – A Quick Guide To Decide

beach wedding

A wedding by the beach is perfect for couples who want to create a bright, romantic atmosphere for their big day. The style is all about a carefree aesthetic that easily allows the natural beauty of your revenue to shine. But ocean-side weddings require careful planning and thorough research to really take off. Beach weddings […]

How Many Wedding Invitations Do You Really Need?

wedding invitations WedinStyle

“How many of our invited wedding guests will accept and show up on the big day?” This is a hard question to figure out. And it takes some art to know as well, so we are giving you the most needed guidelines to plan your wedding attendance and send the right number of wedding invitations. […]