“There’s nothing more difficult than a line.”

The difficulty of drawing, like planning a wedding, is that if you show just a little, you still have to say a lot. Nothing is more difficult than a brush, says Picasso.

While Picasso was in the park, a woman approached and asked him to paint a portrait of her. Picasso agreed and quickly sketched it out. She was satisfied with the beauty and asked how much she could buy the painting. Picasso said: $5,000. “But it only took you five minutes,” the woman was shocked. “No ma’am, it took me all my life,” Picasso answered.

Some studies suggest that the influence of Primitivism in the early 20th century caused Picasso to create pictures with simple lines in the last years of his life, even using a single open line: one line drawing. This method of Picasso is still the inspiration for many paintings, architects, cinema … Apple employees had to learn Picasso’s approach in design. Pixar’s Counselor characters in Soul were also inspired by Picasso.

To explain the approach, let’s take a look at the famous painting of bulls. In 45 days, Picasso painted 11 bulls, in the end, the image of the bull was only a continuation of a single stroke. The process reveals how he turned an idea into a masterpiece. Picasso began with a realistic image of a bull. He continued to scrutinize it, omitting details to simplify it. In the end, even one drawing still possesses all the power to help the viewer envision a bull.

Considering this Picasso-style of love story-telling, organizing a wedding party can also be seen as the process of creating a “One Line Drawing” in the wedding – sketching from a complex to a simple interpretation but with great force for visualization.

First, a Wedding Planner needs to understand specifically the personality of the two main characters, in what context they know each other, what makes them feel attracted to each other, what torment and conflict they have experienced. Then, which leads them to decide on marriage, what color they like, what style, simple or classy…

And in the end, a Wedding Planner must understand that, in complexes that no matter how hard they try, they only understand the relative parts. But they still have to find a consistency to redraw the picture with a single touch to a complete wedding experience.

Of course, that drawing must have the power to make the main character and the viewer (the guest) visualize a process, a series of emotions, and most importantly, love. This process begins with ideas and ends with the wonderful combination of details: flowers, candles, pictures, lights, dances, stage, banquet table, eyes, smiles, and tears …

The person who wrote these lines is also not knowledgeable about art, so sincerely. We just try to understand the story so that we can paint the unique moments of a memorable wedding.

The story that the bride and groom Ha – Hoang wants us to tell is the harmony between two independent personalities. However, although the expression seems different, they always gave us the feeling of a clear “one line drawing”.

That emotion was evoked by their gaze, gestures, and respect for each other. At the same time, it also showed the aesthetic taste and lifestyle such as the bride’s special preference for Picasso-inspired details. Or the desire for a simple wedding but must be of a whole emotion, much like the calm personality of the groom.

From there, we had enough materials to help the couple celebrate their sacred and beautiful moments. And their love is the material that made our efforts a valuable “One-line drawing”.



Our couple: Hà Trương & Vương Hoàng

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