5 Color Palettes For A Blooming Spring Wedding

Spring Wedding color palettes

Spring is by far the most romantic time of the year when nature wakes up from its hibernation and returns to life in full color. Look no further than the blooming spring flowers and other seasonal symbols – from pastel Easter eggs to garden picnic parties to the sunny sky above – for an abundance of inspiration on wedding colors! Since nature offers so many options, I’ve narrowed your options down to 5 spring wedding color palettes that can be a source of inspiration for your perfect big day.

The pros and cons of a spring wedding


  • The natural beauty of the season is so romantic. “There is nothing more beautiful than a tree full of cherry blossoms, spring-related flowers, pastel colors and the gentle romantic colors that nature explodes at this time of year.
  • If you like to have a bigger wedding in every way, spring is the smart and safe time of the year. Friends don’t do well on left or right trips and you don’t have to compete with any big holidays. This allows you to send out your invitation a bit later if needed, and you can still expect more “yes” answers.
  • You do not have any restrictions related to the weather when choosing a gown. If you want to wear sleeves, you can’t overheat. Have you always imagined yourself without arms? Do it. Whatever style you like, it can be the one suitable for a spring wedding.
  • If your dream color palette is always soft, light, and neutral, then you are in love. All the highlights of the day will be combined with flowers and everything in full bloom. Not only does this give a nice backdrop to your photos, but you can also incorporate soft colors if you prefer instead of just using one or two wedding colors. The more colors, the more fun in spring!
  • Lighting is everything when the biggest day of your life is photographed. Spring showers can bring May flowers, but also offer cloud cover, ideal for flawless shots.


  • The location makes a difference, but towards the end, it seems as if every part of the country is as unpredictable in spring as it is in the rest. If you want a controlled and predictably reliable environment, you will choose to go gambling season. You may have dreamed of the day your cherry blossoms shine in the sun ever since you deposited your savings, just to sink in raindrops or shiver in the snow.
  • You might be able to cope with some of the spring colds by running inside for warmth when needed, but will your nose, eyes, and ears withstand allergy season? This can seriously affect you and your groom when taking pictures if your eyes are irritated or if you have a runny nose, you cannot stop. It’s important to consider this for your wedding party members and even guests if any part of the day is scheduled to be outside.
  • You won’t be the only couple to hold off through the winter and plan a spring wedding – allowing vendors to increase their prices (supply and demand!). If you’re working on a tighter budget and want to make every penny, winter can be like a wonderland at your perfect wedding.
  • Depending on your venue preferences, an indoor ceremony and reception is a safer bet with possible unspecified weather disasters. If an outdoor floral wallpaper is what you put your heart to, wait a few more months, and you’ll have a wonderful day as expected.
  • You may not be able to set your favorite provider. In addition to a price increase for every detail you need to book for the day, if you don’t have a long-term commitment to keeping your suppliers far away, the photographer and florist you ordered may already be booked for your day and you’ll have to scramble to find your second hobby. Relieve stress if you have a shorter period!

5 spring wedding color palettes to die for

Now you know about the pros and cons of a spring wedding, if you are still determined to keep going, here are the 5 best spring wedding color palettes for your big day:

1. Butter Yellow, Pale Gray, & Ivory for a bright sunny day

It can be difficult to dig out of winter blues, but a bit of sunshine may make it a little easier. Add warm buttery yellow accents to the cool backdrop of pale gray and ivory white to break the clouds and start spring right away. Light gray long dresses serve as the perfect backdrop for cream-colored bouquets and buttercups. To balance the shade of the shade, choose a soft, touchable material.

Less when it comes to sunny colors, so skip the elaborate flower arrangements and try water-filled glass bowls with floating yellow flowers and silver-gray pebbles lining the bottom. Since the rest of your board layout will be mostly neutral, don’t be afraid to try out fun patterned highlights, like the letter v and polka dots!

2. Pastel Pink & Bright Purple for a feminine mystique

With spring in the air, there’s plenty of inspiration to find nature’s most beautiful flowers. Choose a palette of bright pastel pink and purple hues for an incredibly feminine, floral-inspired feel. Avoid the sweet look by using a neutral white background and weaving the array of colors, such as arrangements of colorful peony, poppy, and zinnias. The candy-wrapped color scheme is a dessert table’s dream, so to speak, so use oversized candy jars, custom muffins, and colorful macaroons.

3. Navy, Cornflower Blue, & Chartreuse for a country style

Liven up navy blues and cornflowers with sunny chartreuse – a simple yet playful color combination, perfect for a country wedding. Amplify your country-inspired theme with small blue and white gingham brush strokes, like patterned napkins, colorful contours around escort cards – even groomsmen’s shirts! A few other rustic features, like reclaimed wooden tables and mason jars filled with lemonade, and finished looks.

4. Peach & Pale Yellow for a peachy look

If pastel pink, blues, and spring blues aren’t exactly your pace, choose a more neutral palette of peaches and pale yellow. It’s fresh and seasonal, without being overly top-notch. The vanity in a cream-and-peach venue setting, nestled amid a lush arrangement of light-colored flowers (peach Juliet roses perfectly match cream-colored and light-yellow garden roses for a vintage look) , clean). You can head to the bar for a sip of peach-flavored Bellini’s cocktail.

5. Pale Pink & Cream for a sweet sense

It takes a real man to let his bride wear a pale pink wedding blanket. If the bride blushes her way, an elegant shade of pale pink and cream is the right choice for the big day. For added charm, sprinkled with only the smallest pieces of silver, such as a metal jar containing bunches of pale pink peony and white hydrangeas. Share a sugary love at the dessert table, with rose and ginger cupcakes, handspun candy, and white and pink meringues.

What of the above spring wedding color palettes do you like the most? Or perhaps you have another color option in mind, then share it with us in the comment section.  Looking forward to seeing your bid day’s blooming colors!

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