The Pros And Cons Of An Elope Wedding In 2021

elope wedding

Have you ever considered having an elope wedding? If you are here, the answer to that question is probably “sure!”. An elopement wedding is truly a wonderful experience, but not for everyone. Some couples prefer the experience just for themselves while others enjoy the idea of having a fun wedding party with all of their guests.

Here are some pros and cons, with some other things to consider if you and your partner are thinking of planning an elope wedding. Hopefully, this list can steer you in the right direction and makes your perfect happy day!

Pros of an elope wedding

You have the day 100% for yourself and your partner: By choosing an elopement wedding, you create a valuable experience just for the both of you, without any outside distraction or drama.

You only need a little bit of planning: By going eloping, you have a full free day to have fun while planning. This is the best excuse to plan the most meaningful day of your entire life.

You can turn your wedding into an adventurous honeymoon: Since an elope wedding can happen anywhere, you can combine it to be a trip for your honeymoon. You can stick around and explore your newlywed bliss.

You can save a lot of money: Of course, there will be expenses. But, compared to a traditional wedding, an elope wedding is much more budget-friendly. Think of all the adventures you can have with the money you saved.

You are saving the environment: A big wedding produces a lot of trash. With an outdoor elope wedding, you can do everything you can to look the best but don’t harm the environment.

Cons of an elope wedding

You will face some unexpected events: Reading your vows at the top of a mountain in the sunset is tempting, but many things can happen outdoor. You and your partner should have some flexibility and roll with the situation if the weather becomes less ideal.

You can face many comments from your family and friends: Let’s be frank, not everyone would support your idea of getting married without them. So be prepared for the shock, criticism, and even a bit of hurt. It is really important that you let your dear ones know that your decision is not meant to hurt their feelings.

You won’t receive any gifts: With an elope wedding, you won’t see hundreds of envelopes and gifts to open on your wedding night. This can be a bit sad, but you still have each other, and you can receive all the gifts at different times.

Your dress can get dirty: Well, it is not that bad for an adventurous person like you, huh? This is your elope wedding, and a dirty dress looks just perfect. Keep the dress less pricy for this reason, though.

Whether after reading, you decide to have an elope wedding or not, there is still more to consider. However, if the pros of eloping are attractive to you, then don’t mind giving us a call for a consultation. We will help you pick the best location, photographer, and activity for a true elope wedding that only you two are the guests.

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