Wedding Photography For Brides – What You Need To Know For Perfect Images

When you start planning your wedding, your wedding planner can have a lot of information on decoration and the process of a ceremony. But did you know that your wedding photographer also has astonishing insight? They often spend a big part of the day with the bride, groom and the party. They also interact directly with the couple and their guests continuously. So, of course, they’ll get all sorts of tips for you!

Think about it: After the party and excitement, all that remains are the moments and emotions captured by your photographers. So you only want the best pictures that you can have a smile looking back at. In this guide, you will see the wisdom behind wedding photography and what you need to have the best images of your special day. Let’s pose and shoot!

How to plan for your wedding photography



A quick note: For wedding photography, you pretty much get what you pay for. Experienced photographers can deliver beautiful work despite bad weather and lighting, so remember that when looking for less expensive options. With that in mind, here the steps to plan for your perfect wedding pictures:

1. Find your photography style

There are many styles of wedding photography, so it is important to find the style that you can connect with. Your wedding pictures are what you will keep for the rest of your life, so you want to make sure you have something you can love. Every bride has her own beauty and suitable photo style, so choose an approach that match your dream vision. Often, we would provide a mood board for our clients with different styles of photography, ranging from fine art to photojournalistic.

2. Get in touch with your photographers

Once you find the style that fit your vision, it is time to search for a suitable wedding photographer team. Keep in mind that photographers on high demand often need to be booked a year in advance. So, once you have the date and the venue reserved, you should secure your photographer as soon as possible. You can find photographer by asking friends for referrals, using search engines, or exploring wedding planning sites. Don’t be afraid to approach first and ask questions about license, past works, and experience. But, more than that, see which photographer you find comfortable to work with in your wedding.

3. Prepare for wedding photography

The engagement session is a perfect test for your wedding photographers to see how your main ceremony’s photos would look like. You can also ask for additional sessions such as boudoir sessions and bridal portraits. These will be your chances to get comfortable in front of the cameras and lose all of the awkwardness before the wedding day.

4. Creating a timeline (and follow it)

This is where a wedding planner can help you work with the photographers. Your planner will organize and execute your vision so you can relax to pose as much as you like with your friends and families. By working with the photographer, the planner will have your day flows perfectly with a detailed timeline. This is crucial to have all the necessary shots, such as separate shots for the bride, the groom, the bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as other special details. It is never good to rush with these things, so a plan allows photographers to capture beautiful images.

Wedding photography tips for brides

Aside from hiring the perfect photographers, there are many tips for you to take as a bride to guarantee incredible photos. Here are the best tips you should follow in your wedding:

  • Choosing a photographer and videographer from the same studio or company is the better choice to have the same wedding photography style.
  • Minimizing the number of photo shoot locations to take most pictures.
  • Selecting quality vendors to avoid the stress of finding spots for photos.
  • Plan to finish the hair and make-up process well ahead of schedule.
  • Incorporate a first look session for a heartfelt memory.
  • Schedule couple sessions during the best lighting time of the day.
  • Include a sneak away session to lift up the romance.
  • Incorporate a sparkler exit with your friends.

Your wedding goes by very fast, so enjoy every second and let the wedding photographers capture your best memories in pictures and videos. With this article on wedding photography, I hope you got some valuable knowledge to take perfect photos for your special day. If you have any questions about hiring top wedding photographers in Hanoi, give us a message!

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