A Detailed Guide To Boho Wedding In 2021

Are you and another free soul about to get married? Perhaps you want to celebrate your love in a non-traditional way: a boho wedding. Can you picture exchanging vows among a dazzling forest? A cool boho wedding is non-traditional with a bit of adventure, and surely gives you a memorable ceremony without going through the challenge of high maintenance. Here’s your detailed guide to a boho wedding with all the inspiration you need to plan your perfect day.

Boho wedding’s bride and groom

For the bride, a perfect boho dress is something full of lacy and floral motifs, something that is easy to move, and above all, being comfortable. The top of the dress is perfect with a floral tiara and you’ve got the best look. The special design style that we are loving is using a little difference with a cord-cut collar, loose lace sleeves, or sheer lace details. For the groom, the wedding attire should be somewhere between comfort, simplicity and a hint of nomadic style.

Boho wedding’s decor

The possibilities are truly endless with a boho wedding. What you want to achieve is an eclectic and wandering nomad style. All location settings at the front desk may not match and have a variable of different colors. Hang lights and colored fabrics from the ceiling (or trees – depending on where the wedding is going) will give an awesome look. Decoration details can be batik rugs and pillows with colorful patterns. Laminated linens and sharp fabrics are a beautiful way to add brightness and comfort, while the natural and wooden features continue to show a true boho style. Lastly, many greenery give a natural feel, also allowing your flowers to really stand out, giving an authentic boho look.

Boho wedding’s cake

Semi-naked cakes with fresh berries and lots of fresh flowers are the perfect way to add a boho feel to your wedding cake. Light rays of green plants and little hints of color provide the perfect delight and vibrancy for a neutral background. Be sure to choose your favorite flavor and don’t be afraid to be creative and look for something a little different and still delicious. Your cake will have a beautiful aesthetic look as the centerpiece of the dining table.

Boho wedding’s invitation letters

The invitation letters should be simple and not too complicated with a hint of boho flair. Presumably, this means invitations are written on brown paper in simple font. Maybe the wedding invitation letters can have a feather or a little flower on the paper. It is entirely up to you for these touches to show your personality and connect with the guests.

Boho wedding’s flowers

Break out of the tradition and move towards color, volume. and texture for the ultimate boho bouquet. Get bright and vibrant colors and remember to combine with lots of green plants for a delicate floral backdrop. Our favorite flowers include daisies, carnations. colorful roses, and dahlias. Make use of these beautiful tones and be sure to use them in floral decorations and arrangements around the place. For a bit of a chic boho look, incorporate the flowers of your choice into your headdress or flower crown.

Ready to plan a boho wedding?

boho wedding

Simple as it may sound, a boho wedding still requires careful planning to work. If you need any help, WedinStyle is always here. Contact us through the information below and we will help you plan a perfect boho wedding that suits your taste and love story.

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