How To Plan An Elopement Wedding In Vietnam (2021 guide)

“Let’s elope!” has been a trend for wedding all around the world in recent years. And with the current situation of the pandemic, a small wedding with a few guests sound even more reasonable. What can sound better than throwing caution into the wind, grabbing your loved one’s hand, and giving a vows in the beach’s sunset together. The beauty of an elopement wedding is the blending of both traditional and non-traditional elements, making your special day exactly what you’ve envisioned.

But although an elopement wedding has fewer guests and elements, there are still many works to prepare. Where to have your ceremony? Who should be invited? What details are necessary? Fortunately, this guide exists to help you relieve some of the stress in planning. Here is how to plan an elopement wedding in Vietnam, created by WedinStyle.

Why should you try having an elopement wedding?


An elopement wedding is a new kind of celebration for your special day, in which you tie the knot with just two of yourselves or a small gathering in a more minimal and casual fashion. Here are the key reasons why an elopement wedding is the perfect choice for your ceremony:

1. You can have your elopement wedding anyway you dream of

As an elopement wedding is for the couple’s wishes, you can decide everything and show your love in the most original way. There is no rule to follow, and if you want, no one can interrupt. Any affection you guys show are private and special, unlike reading the vows in front of hundreds of guests like in a traditional wedding.

2. An elopement wedding can be your honeymoon and adventure

If you decide to go with an elopement wedding, you can combine the wedding destination as the honeymoon location. Whether it is for budget saving or just your own wishes, it is perfectly okay. Do you want to turn your wedding into an adventure – hiking and reading vows in the middle of Cuc Phuong jungle? Or perhaps you want to take the chance and have an unique wedding photo album with a backdrop that makes everyone’s jaws drop off? An elopement wedding is your opportunity to do so.

3. An elopement wedding only requires a small venue

The beauty of an elopement wedding is that there are endless options to hold your ceremony. Elopements can happen in nature, mountain, parks, trails, boats, buildings, at someone’s home, or even a family member’s property. Do you want to recite your vows on the mountain top of Fansipan? How about a waterfall in Lam Dong as your backdrop to say “I do”? With an elopement wedding, the destination is wherever you’d like it to be, without worrying about a big deposit on the venue. The small venue is special in your very own way.

4. You don’t need to invite many guests

Elopement ceremonies often feature only the couple’s most intimate family members or closest friends. The essential elements are the couple, the officiant, a photographer who can act as the witness.  Generally speaking, the guest list is far more casual than what’s usually expected for a normal wedding.

5. The budget is definitely affordable

The most daunting part of a full wedding is the price. Traditional weddings have a larger guest list, so things can get pricey when you add up all the fees for invitations, venue, decor, food, time, and staffs. Elopement weddings are an affordable alternative to couples on a budget — or for who wants to put their funds toward a bigger honeymoon. Some couples can even combine two things together, planning the elopement wedding and honeymoon at the same venue like a destination wedding.

How to select an elopement wedding location

If you’re thinking of planning an elopement wedding in a faraway destination, you should take care of your travel arrangements early. Ask yourself some questions to decide where to elope: Do you want somewhere meaningful to you two? Or you want to travel to somewhere you both really want to go? Once you have decided the location, you should see if it matches your vision of a perfect wedding. It is completely okay to change your vision or destination.

We personally love elopements because couples not only can spend significantly less, but they can also plan their elopement at their honeymoon destination.

Elopement wedding’s protocols during COVID

Many couples around the world going elopement because of the pandemic and all the unpredictable events. To ensure you are doing all you can to protect yourself and the guests, call the property beforehand to know about their COVID policies and procedures. Your elopement wedding should at least have these protocols:

  • Private event areas
  • Plenty of social distancing space
  • Frequent sanitation tools
  • Mandatory masks and gloves for all employees
  • Temperature and wellness check for the guests as well as staffs
  • Options for cleaning on your own terms.

If you can, look for an open venue with fresh air and an open space. This will reduce many risk of contamination, and the view can look much better too!

How to plan an elopement wedding

elopement wedding in vietnam


1. Think of your dream wedding and collect ideas

Now it’s time to be creative – talk about how you always vision your wedding. Where do you want to elope, and when? Make your day an experience about you. You can tell us your love story, and we will make sure your wedding will have all the decor, activities, and vibe that best describe it.

2. Research possibilities and budget

Bring your ideas to life and start looking at possibilities like vendors and logistics. If you don’t have much experience with vendors in Vietnam, we can help. Also, your budget should be pretty clear at this stage, if every elements are already selected.

3. Select your favorite choices

Narrow down your choices to have your elopement location, date. You can then start booking your possible venue, flights, nearby accommodation, and transportation for the guests. If you select a venue anywhere in Vietnam, contact in advance, they may have a good deal for your wedding.

4. Get everything together and finalize the plan

In this stage, you want to make sure you have all your elements together, including the personal plan, additional vendors, and activities for the lovely guests. Now is also a good time to draft your timeline for the special day. Don’t worry, we are still here to help.

5. Celebrate the elopement wedding of your dreams

Finally, everything is set up as you dream of, and your wedding day is ready to unfold. Le’ts wake up in the morning with excited butterflies and enjoy how everything runs smoothly together. Your wedding planner will make sure just that.

Frequently asked questions about elopement weddings

When should you start planning for an elopement wedding in Vietnam?

There is no strict time schedule in planning. The planning process varies from a few weeks to a few months. This will depends on the location and wedding activities of your choices.

How much does an elopement wedding cost in Vietnam?

You can expect to reduce it to almost half of a traditional wedding, depending on your plans. In Vietnam, an elopement wedding cost varies for the couple’s wishes, contact us for a consultation.

Are there any rules for elopement weddings?

There are no restrictions or must-do’s. Deciding to elope gives you both the freedom to break out from the traditional wedding forms and create a personal experience based on your love story.

How to integrate family & friends in your elopement?

Luckily there is no strict limit on how many people to attend an elopement. You can integrate the people you love the most, but make sure you take a minimal approach and only include the ones utmost essential. Prepare and teach them as you guys will have an un-ordinary blast all together.

Final advice

Elopement weddings offer a couple full command of their day. With less guests and a more intimate venue, you don’t have to take time of your special day to please everyone else. This day should be about your commitment to each other, so, why not take the social pressures off the table and plan an elopement wedding in Vietnam? If you are not sure where to have the best elopement wedding photos, consult a photographer for the best locations and concepts. If you want other activities with best friends and don’t want to deal with the stress of planning, WedinStyle is here to help! As a professional wedding planner, we know how to plan a perfect elopement wedding just the way you want, so give us a call!

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