A Definitive Guide To Celebrating A Wedding In 2021

Wedding In 2021

How can we plan a wedding in 2021? Planning a wedding in the normal situation can already be a nightmare with so many events in motion and possibilities of things going wrong. Now imagine planning a wedding during a global pandemic. The stress is unimaginable, as many couples scrambling to make sense of an unprecedented time. The wedding industry sure took a hard hit, and while some countries have slowly returned to normal, many others are still fighting with spikes in new cases every day. As a wedding planner in Vietnam, we are lucky to get back to work soon enough, but even we don’t know when we can see our foreign couples again, making a magical tropical wedding in our country.

Social distancing, guest limitations, mask requirements, lost deposits, venues going out of business, rescheduling fees, lost deposit… all of these add to an uncertain future, and we really get why many couples are finding it hard to move forward with their plan. So, this article exists to give you some advice that can warm up with a bit of hope for the future. Here is a definitive guide to wedding in 2021, we will cover what couples can expect, plan ahead, and enjoy.

1. You need to accept the ‘new normal’

Things are going to look a bit different, so you will have to roll with the new rule or simply wait. Just because you’re engaged, you don’t have to get married right the way. If you can’t wrap your mind around a ceremony with masks, social distancing, and a small number of guests, then just wait. At this point, your country should have a pretty clear expectation for the possible situations in 2021. You won’t have to compromise anything if you haven’t signed any contract. If you do plan to have wedding in 2021, you will need to accept that it might not be the way you envisioned it.

2. Think about when to book your wedding

The way we see it, if you are planning a wedding in 2021, especially if your country is still heavily under effect of COVID-19, there are three possible options: Elopement weddings, Micro weddings, A mini wedding but with the capability to expand the guest number.

It is safe to say that summer 2021 will still be busy for couples, with many new engaged couples finally getting married after postponement. So, if you can move to a less populated month, try to do that. After such a mad year, we imagine many will find it more happy to take a day off during the week to attend a wedding. It is a nice change for both the couple and the guests.

3. Break down your guest list

Divide your guest into three categories:

List A: Your top 30-50, who you cannot imagine your wedding without

List B: People you want to host if allowed by law

List C: People you feel compelled to invite (like your mom’s friends) and would probably do so if the pandemic is over (but honestly, why pay people that you don’t want / need there?). They are not critical for your wedding day.

4. Ask vendors about their COVID policy

What safety requirements do they have? What is the cancelation and postponement policy? What can they help if things go bad? Venues, in general, are among people in the wedding industry that may feel uncomfortable working in a pandemic. Their policies may be hard on you, but you need to respect them if you want to work with them. So it is the best to get this info at the front end before the planning, rather than getting into a feud after you have booked everything.

5. Create an emergency fund

We as a wedding planner know better than anyone that emergencies can happy no matter how hard you prepare. Th time is never more true for this fact, and an emergency fund is needed more than ever. Save some money for the possibilities of reprinting all the invitations, postponing the wedding, adding more tables, and having more tables for social distancing. You should have at least a 1/6 of your wedding budget for the emergencies.

6. Work with a wedding planner to plan your wedding in 2021

Whether it is a ceremony manager, full service wedding planner, or collaborators, you need all the help you can get, especially from a pro in the wedding industry. These people can help you preparing for postponement and give real good advices as well as actionable steps to take with whatever happens.

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