5 Best Micro Wedding Ideas For A Small And Intimate Ceremony

micro wedding

A micro wedding is a smaller and more intimate ceremony that includes family and close friends with numbers from 30 to 100 guests. A micro-wedding is ideal for couples who want something more personal but still aim to have every details right. Budgets for these details are available due to the limited number of guests. In return, the couple will be pivotal in areas such as wedding dresses, flowers, bars, and plenty of good food. Although called ‘micro’, the cost associated with this wedding style depends on the couple’s needs, they can go full luxury if they want. And in the time of uncertainties like this, a micro wedding is the great option for any couple who still wishes to tie the knot.

Narrow the event down to a cozy, intimate scale that ensures you will love how money is spent and have lots of memories with each guest. In this article, we’ve gathered 5 best micro wedding ideas for an intimate and stylish wedding. Let’s see what they are!

1. Choose whatever venue you like

How about getting married in a small chapel? Or maybe the smallest church in your town? Maybe in a friend’s garden, greenhouse, bike or stroller? The number of places for a micro wedding is endless. You can also look at the beautiful private homes (not your own), giving you the flexibility to move between spaces and making your wedding day really cost-effective. Your venue should reflects your love story and needs to create a truly memorable experience.

2. Know what you want

Every wedding, regardless of size, will need food, bars, staff, rent, some kind of décor and entertainment, so keep those basics in mind as you plan. Wedding scheduling is also something you cannot forget. If you can’t organize all of your needs, find some help from a wedding planner, even if it’s only for day-of coordination, to have the best flow on the big day.

3. Buying a wedding dress many not be necessary

The average wedding dress can cost thousands of dollars and the bride may never wear it again. While many American women want to buy the princess dress, many micro wedding brides are heading to a department store, thrift store or Amazon to buy their bridal gown. Also, some brides skip the traditional white dress and choose dresses in pink, beige, gray or even fun colors like orange and blue. The groom can wear the best outfit and the small wedding party can choose their own outfit.

4. Hire a professional photographer for your micro wedding

Hiring a photographer can be an expensive part of a wedding, but it is also one of the most necessary element. A good professional photographer will have the skills to capture your best moments and you can take time to enjoy yourself. Since smartphone cameras are so good these days, having the guests take pictures is another option. You can also get a bunch of interesting photos to choose from. How about hiring a local Instagram star to film your wedding? He or she may want to add to their portfolio and add hashtags for #mircoweddings.

5. Keep a simple menu

A traditional wedding can have all the set dishes: a grand dinner, a receptionist, a main course, a side dish, a salad, a desert dish, a coffee bar and a wedding cake. The menu for a micro wedding can be much simpler and contain just one dish and dessert. If you want to have fun and save money, you can have pizza, burger, or sandwich, or you can select more pricey but unique options like sushi, traditional foods. It is entirely up to you, and with a rather small number of guests, you can even personalize the menu for each of your special one.

What do you think? Is there any other micro wedding ideas you would like to add? Share us your thought in the comment section, and don’t forget that we are always here to help you create your dream wedding!

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