Cottagecore Wedding: What Is It And How To Plan?

cottagecore wedding

2020 has not been a good year for weddings, but it does provide us with more time than ever to find our own idea of a perfect wedding. One trend seems to be taking people’s attention – which is the Cottagecore Wedding with a marvelous aesthetic vibe.

It is beautiful, calm, and brings a lot of nostalgia. It combines nature, architecture, and still keep things simple. In a troublesome time, cottagecore weddings can make us treasure simple pleasure like smelling flowers while watching the sun falling behind a sky-line of pine trees.

In this article, let’s see what a cottagecore wedding is, and how you can plan such a ceremony.

What is a cottagecore wedding?

What is a cottagecore wedding?

First, you need to understand why cottagecore wedding is considered aesthetic. The aesthetic is a theme that you connect and love. It is the type of beauty that is pleasing to look at and give you a calming feeling. When you see something aesthetic, you can escape the real world and transport yourself to a more beautiful place.

This may explain why cottagecore weddings come to the rise during the quarantine. It embodies the idea of completely dive into the beauty of nature and treasure the simple beauty. It has also become a hot summer trend for wedding planning.

Start imagining your perfect cottagecore wedding in an open field, where the grass is high and the surrounding is filled with flowers of all colors. The sun is shining in its golden hour. You are wearing an elegant long white dress, walking around feeling the earth. Life is good.

In visualization, cottagecore wedding is a ceremony based on the visual culture of an idealized Western’s farm life. Think of being Saoirse Ronan getting married to Timothee Chalamet in the 19th century setting of Little Women.

How to plan a cottagecore wedding?

cottagecore wedding

How to plan a cottagecore wedding?

So now you have envisioned what a cottagecore wedding is, you can start planning it with a specific theme and decoration.

For your wedding dresses, think of having a long, flowy dress with floral details and a lace. Sleeves are a must to increase the elegance and dreamy vibe.

For your wedding ceremony decoration, focus on the natural vibe with exposed wood, green plants, and florals of yellow, white, purple. If the ceremony happens in the night, add a touch of candles, lanterns, or mason jar lights. The light sources can add a magical aspect to your wedding.

For the best result, try consulting with your wedding planner for some idea on the overall decoration. Keep it simple, connect with nature, and create your dream wedding.

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