Should You Reschedule The Wedding During The Pandemic? And How?

Although no couple wants to be forced to postpone their wedding, sometimes you can’t avoid changing the date. It is a fact that many brides and grooms have spent months planning for summer and autumn weddings to face the pandemic and gathering restrictions. Although this is a tough decision for sure to make, and thinking of re-planning the anniversary you’ve worked so hard might feel overwhelming, you’ll get over it. Instead of panicking, it’s time to face reality and learn to reschedule the wedding during the pandemic

Should you reschedule the wedding during the pandemic?

The short answer is: Yes, especially if there is any sign of the pandemic spreading in the venue area. The risk of having your loved ones being infected is just not worth sticking to the plan. If there is a good sign, you can still have the wedding going, but take the social distancing rule seriously.

How to reschedule the wedding during the pandemic?

Here is the process you should take to reschedule your big day:

1. Postpone all of your orders

If you postpone the wedding within ten weeks of your scheduled event, call your wedding planner to stop printing anything for your wedding date and ask the florist to stop ordering fresh flowers. Next, call your venue to find out what future dates they have available. It should be open on Fridays, Sundays, and later months.

If you are planning for a destination wedding, wait until you have more information about international travel in the next few months.

2. Prepare to be flexible

If you plan to hold ceremonies and receptions at two different locations, the search for common availability may not occur. You can also have the ceremony at your reception location or a combination of those options. With circumstances, be flexible, and keep things going.

3. Tell your guests

Once you know that you are going to postpone your wedding, you need to notify the guest; many of whom may have booked planes or hotel reservations. The best thing to do is quickly email friends and family so they stay up to date; Once you have confirmed a new date, you can send a postpone announcement to the guests.

4. Pay in advance

Postponing your wedding during the pandemic generally means rescheduling the official due date for final payments, but couples should pay whatever they can on their original schedule. This is for your best interest to help your planners and vendors stay afloat, so they can pay you back with a great wedding later

5. Check-in with yourself

Postponing is something none of us want, but it is sometimes unavoidable. So, take some time to check in with your health and take a rest. Find a night to talk with your soon-to-be spouse and family, you are not alone in this. Things will get better, all we need now is patience and a good approach.

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