Top 5 Destination Wedding Locations In Vietnam

You are planning to organize a wedding in Vietnam but not sure whether you should go for a beach wedding or mountain wedding, as well as the pros and cons of each place? Then this is the article for you. As an experienced wedding planner in the country, here are our top 5 destination wedding locations in Vietnam that you can have your dream ceremony.

1. Phu Quoc – Paradise islands with magnificent sunset

In the beautiful natural scenery of Phu Quoc Island, blue sea, white sand, and green mountains, your wedding will take place with the blessing of your loved ones. It will be like a big party in an oasis paradise – beautiful, solemn, and different.

A special feature of the “pure paradise” scene in Phu Quoc is the image of seagulls flying under the trees, creating peaceful feelings in the hearts of each guest. Not to mention the flower wedding gate, where the couple exchange vows, is simply decorated but retains elegance. When night falls, every decoration is lit up for a bright atmosphere. Everything will create a warm, romantic, and more formal vibe for the wedding.

Currently, Phu Quoc has had many more 5-star resort units such as JW Marriott Emerald Bay Phu Quoc, Phu Quoc Long Beach Intercontinental, with more being built to meet the needs of any wedding and honeymoon.

2. Nha Trang – Luxury service for big fun

Nha Trang has the 29th most beautiful beach in the world. It is in the middle region of Vietnam, with a 4 km seashore that looks incredible.

Nha Trang has always been known as a tourist paradise. Mother nature has given this land all the conditions to attract tourists: beaches with pristine white sand, wonderful islands, beautiful coral reefs, and historic locations. The weather is also mild and less affected by storms. The sea attracts people with its blue color, bringing love at first sight.

Nha Trang also has many luxury resorts such as Mia Resort, Nha Trang Spa Resort, InterContinental Nha Trang, and more offering high-class services and facilities.

3. Hoi An – The ancient and timeless beauty

destination wedding locations in Vietnam

About 45 minutes drive from Da Nang, Hoi An – World Heritage is the perfect place for those who love the true vibe of Asia. This ancient city has won the hearts of many people from all over the world

Hoi An is also the perfect place for those who want to leave modern cities and have a peaceful time in an ancient city. You can ask your wedding planner to design a tour to explore the venue for guests. There are many activities that your guests can do before and after the wedding that will entertain them.

If you and your spouse desire to take a beautiful wedding photo with the old city, we will make sure that you will have the most unique wedding photos with ancient architecture in Hoi An. The old roof tiles, old yellow walls, and the streets sparkling with lanterns and peaceful rivers have been preserved for hundreds of years in this land.

4. Da Nang – The modern and vibrant city

destination wedding locations in Vietnam

Danang is known as “the most livable city in Vietnam”. May and August will be the best time to organize your wedding if you plan to choose Da Nang as a place to remember a destination wedding. During these months, the weather is quite warm and, and the sea is less stormy.

Da Nang is also famous for the beautiful beach – My Khe Beach was selected by Forbes as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Hosting many high-class seafood resorts and restaurants, My Khe Beach is also a popular place for sunbathing, fishing, snorkeling, jet-skiing, and surfing.

With these wonderful natural conditions, Da Nang will undoubtedly be one of the best destination wedding locations in Vietnam. There are many luxury resorts in Da Nang for couples such as InterContinental Danang, Naman Retreat Da Nang, and many other places.

5. Mui Ne – The untouched beautiful coast

Mui Ne is a coastal resort town in Phan Thiet, about 5 hours by bus from Ho Chi Minh City. Its sights range from beautiful beaches, tropical forests, sand dunes to traditional villages, fishing harbors, and ancient structures.

You will find this place a bit quieter than the above because the town is still developing new tourist attractions. But this can be a plus for those who want something private and reserved. The weather is warm all year round so you don’t need to worry about the perfect time to get married in this place.

Some resorts that you should look for in Mui Ne are The Cliff Resort, Anantara Mui Ne Resort, Mia Resort, Aroma Beach Resort & Spa.

This list is not all the destination wedding locations in Vietnam, the country still has more to offer for one-of-a-kind weddings that you would love. If you need any advice, contact us through the information below!

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