A Sweet And Surprise Proposal for The 8-year Anniversary of Van & Thanh

One of our latest projects was a surprise proposal event. All of the project details were planned and executed in just a week, but the result was a happy “Yes” and a wedding on the way.

Thanh vs Van are our bride to be groom and groom to be this August, but Thanh still wanted to hold a marriage proposal on the 8th year anniversary. A difficult question from Thanh was: How can Van still be surprised if she has always expected to be proposed in that evening?

Read on to find out about their story and the lovely proposal!

How they met

8 years equal 2922 days, that is a long time to stay together. But like any lasting love story, Thanh and Van met in a surprising way that none saw coming.

On the Lunar New Year’s eve of 2012, Van added multiple schoolmates to her Yahoo account. Ah, the good old days of Yahoo. Anyway, Thanh thought she was just boring, but he still sent the first message: “Hello young schoolmate”.

Just like that, they got along through chatting, almost everyday. Naturally, they felt like they wanted to meet each other. The first date came around April the same year, with a cute trip together in the city. They went to the mall, bookstore, and food stall, without wanting the trip to end.

On that very day, Thanh thought to himself: “I want to make this girl my girlfriend!”. And the rest of 2922 days is history. Which leads us to this day, when Thanh is ready to propose to Van.

How she said YES

It was the 8th anniversary of Van and Thanh – June 29th, so they had planned to have a romantic dinner already. They wanted to hold a wedding party on August 15, but there was no chance to propose, so Van was looking forward to being proposed on such a special evening.

That’s why Thanh came to us – their wedding planner one week in advance to plan a surprise proposal for Van.

On the day of the date, Van dressed up, got a nail job, bought a new skirt, and did very nice make up for the evening (with the hope of being proposed). On the contrary, Thanh only wore a normal daily T-shirt to take her to dinner. Van was a bit disappointed with this, thinking of a romantic proposal like a Korean movie that she had always imagined.

They went to the restaurant and ordered the food as usual. It was a lovely night to enjoy steak, drink wine, and take pictures together with the background of the Long Bien bridge. This view is a unique feature of the restaurant, which made us and Thanh choose it immediately upon finding. You will see why in a moment!

When Van had just finished the main course, she received a call from her close friend to deliver something downstair. This friend had already scheduled Van so she brought the item down without a single doubt.

But, in the meantime, everyone of our staff were moving at full speed to re-establish the  and prepare for the big moment in the next 10 minutes. We were actually there since the afternoon, but shhh, Van didn’t know about it.

We already booked the three surrounding tables, set up the projector and hid it right below the nearby table. The nearby group of friends were actually our videographer and team planner who had come before and took photos of the couple from the beginning. They were even asked by Thank to take pictures for them for more close up shots.

As soon as Van went downstair, Thanh also went to the 3rd floor to change his shirt and get the necessity: rings and the proposal’s bouquet.

Meanwhile, our team took just 10 seconds to pull out the projector and prepare the screen two table away. But the most unexpected element for Van was probably the presence of Van’s best friends on the Long Bien bridge, holding the words that Van had wanted to during the last eight years.

When Van came back, everything was prepared, the projector was ready, Thanh went missing, and she returned back to the table confused. Suddenly, the screen was turned on, and the marriage proposal officially started.

A video with the image of 8 years in a relationship together started, with special notes Thanh prepared for Van. It told the story of how they got together and the memorable trips they took all over the world. At the end of the video, a line appeared:

“Together through 8 years, I have a question for you, which I believed you have longed for…”

At the same time, Van heard people calling her name all the way from Long Bien bridge. She headed to that direction and suddenly found out her friends were holding the signs of ‘Will You Marry Me’ on the bridge.

Van couldn’t hold the surprise emotion, and just standing there with her hand holding her mouth, realizing she was finally getting what she deserved. 

Then, Thanh appeared from behind, looking handsome with shirt tucked in. He was holding a bouquet that Van would like and kneeled down, said: “Will you marry me?”. Of course, she happily said yes.

Previously, we had asked Thanh if he would get emotional and forget the script, but he confidently said that it was not possible because he had watched the video before, maybe only Van would moved.

But when Thanh was standing in front of the love of his life, with the script recited countless time in his head, he still cried to here the word “Yes”. He even cried louder than the bride to be, but we would keep that as a secret.

Their friends appeared shortly after this, and made Thanh propose again so they can take pictures.

What await them

As mentioned, they are going to get married in August this year, and we will be happily planning for them the next big ceremony. After all, we would like to make that man cry again, since even Van couldn’t do it during the last eight years.


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