How to plan a summer wedding

summer wedding

Nothing is more wonderful than a summer wedding. Between warm weather and late sunset, there are no reasons not to hold your wedding in a sunny outdoor location. But don’t forget about the heat, UV rays, and insects, you would need to protect your guests from these elements.

Read this guide to plan and enjoy your summer wedding as easily and comfortably as possible.

Why a summer wedding is great

While spring and fall can bring unexpected weather, summer is known for consistent blue sky and warm temperature with little rain. This makes perfect conditions for an outdoor ceremony. Also, many industries tend to lighten up during summer, allowing for a better schedule to attend your wedding.

In the summer, many flower varieties are in bloom, so you have a greater selection of florals, making more colorful and dynamic arrangements. During the summer months, the sun and natural backdrops provided by Mother Nature let couples save time and money finding a gorgeous location.

How to pull off a summer wedding

Here are some tips so you can throw the perfect summer wedding from start to finish:

  1. Send the words out early: Summer is the main time for vacations. To make sure your guests keep your weekend wedding open, send early savings notices, about six to eight months in advance.
  2. Select a colorful palette: For a great summer wedding, think of purple, fuchsia, mango, magenta, and green. For a color palette that works with almost every style, look for a combination of white and ivory with green accents.
  3. Keep the wedding casual: laid-back outdoor weddings are highly appreciated, so embrace the summertime with wood swings, lawn games, and throw pillows. A picnic-style cocktail is great too.
  4. Provide heat relief: Choosing an indoor/outdoor venue will allow your guests to enjoy the wonderful weather, while also giving guests a break from overheating. If your ceremony or reception is completely outdoors, consider hiring fans or A / C units to keep everyone cool, including any elderly guests or pregnant women.
  5. Look your best in the heat: Choose a hairstyle that will fit the elements, and require a bridesmaid to hang up some papers and powders for your face.

Planning a summer wedding is always fun, especially when thinking about all the great pictures under the sun. With this guide, we hope you can have some ideas to create your own perfect summer wedding. If you need any help, we are right here!

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