What will you tell your kids about 2020?

For millions of people across the world, life has changed dramatically in 2020. Most have been required to practice social distancing, while some have to find shelters in unfamiliar places. Some are still in quarantine, while some are stumbling to get back to normal.

But for children, life perhaps has even been even weirder. They have to learn from home, can’t go outside, and don’t know when they will be back. Many can’t go to the parks, see friends, or visit grandparents. With such a young age, there are some sure struggling to grasp what’s going on.

And while we are still able to get married and have kids, it can be a tough task to explain what really happened. There are some steps we can take to handle this, which we will explain in this article. Here are what you can tell your kids about 2020.

How did people get sick?

It’s important not to minimize kids’ fears because a pandemic can happen again in the future. What you should tell is the honest truth of the virus and the pandemic and how it affected people’s health. You can point to people in the community and how you did everything you learned to keep the family healthy.

What did people have to do?

One of the most important things people can do to prevent the pandemic from expanding is washing hands frequently. It can be hard to explain this, but tell your kids about 2020 and how washing hands could save lives. In a confusing time, we decided to stay home and that helped.

How did you get married?

If you were going to get married in 2020, you know there are certain social distancing norms to follow. So tell your kids how you planned and made sure everything safe for the guests. You can show how you had to prepare things virtually and changed your plan for the better. After all, we adjusted to the situation, that is how things get done.

What can I do to help?

For kids who are old enough to understand, this is a time to talk about collective responsibility a member of a society. That can take a lot of forms, whether it’s transferring groceries to a grandparent, donating to support health care employees), or calling out the bad behaviors that unfortunately still exist.

Ready to tell your kids about 2020?

It can be a hard topic to talk about, but it is an important thing. This is the first step to take care of your kids in unfamiliar situation, and prepare them for what may happen in the future. Best of luck and may you all have the needed strength during this time.

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