Where to have weddings with the pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the wedding industry incredibly hard. Vendors are going out of business, venues are closing, and us wedding planners have a hard time suggesting the next move. But we don’t have to throw the white flag yet.

Instead of looking for a big wedding party with many customers – which is not very practical, we can try a new kind of wedding that is more intimate with a shorter list of guests.

So, where to have weddings with the pandemic? We’ve put together a guide on how to choose possible locations for your ceremonies according to the social distancing rule.

What are your non-negotiables?

Before booking a venue or even a virtual site tour, it is important to decide your non-negotiables. How many guests must there be? Do you want to be outdoor or indoor? Will the venue allow alcohol? What is the curfew?

We recommend having a general idea of your guest count, desired geographic location, wedding date range, and budget before browsing for possible venues. Your priorities should be the highest in processing the locations.

Nail your budget

Having a budget in mind before searching for possible venues is key. You don’t want to love a place that can bust your bank account, so discuss with your fiance about the numbers. Since the venue can cost quite a budget, you want to count on extra or unanticipated costs like parking fees, service fees, additional rentals, etc.

Narrow your top choices

Things are still a bit crazy now, but the pandemic seems to be slowing down. So, reach out to the top choices of venues to see if they have dates available for your desired time. Once you have some venues that fit the bill, schedule a virtual tour.

Since people are still quarantined, embrace the virtual tour! Let them know about your available devices, ask a lot of questions, and use Google Maps to note possible paths for guests.

Make it official

Now is the time to sit down with your fiancé and compare notes. Write down the pros and cons of each venue, review the fine print on any paper, and compare your options until you can declare a winner.

But remember, that is not an agreement made until you sign a contract. Ask the on-site coordinator to review all the details with you, ask about the fine print, and make sure everything you agree verbally on the site tour is written in black and white.

Once you are comfortable with what is stated in the contract, read it again in the comfort of your own home before signing in your names.

Ready to have weddings with the pandemic

Congrats, now you’ve virtually booked a venue for your wedding. Next, check your health protocols and other safety requirements from your region to make sure nothing goes wrong during the ceremony.

Best of luck on your wedding during the pandemic, and if you need any help. contact us!

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