Social Distancing Norms For 2020 Weddings

Summer is here, and if it is a normal year, we would be getting ready to attend many weddings during this season. But 2020 is not a normal year, especially with a global pandemic of COVID-19 and the social distancing policies. This leads to no gatherings of many people, and naturally many weddings have to be downsized, postponed, or canceled.

There is a strong possibility that this situation will last for a while and weddings as we know about them with festive events and extended guest lists won’t be possible for a long time. We at WedinStyle still see people booking for that latter half of the years, but actions have to be taken to keep everyone safe.

Here are what we consider the social distancing norms for every wedding in 2020. By following these, the big day will be able to happen with the utmost caution and precautionary measures in the aftermath of the virus.

Weddings can go local, and even virtual

Since the pandemic prevents many flights from happening, destination weddings can be postponed for local weddings in the hometowns instead. For this, your oversea guests can be a part of the celebration virtually. Furthermore, live-streaming your wedding ceremony is a foreseeable trend in the upcoming time.

Therefore, we should get ready for some high tech service in the weddings post COVID-19.

Hygiene standards are a must

Right from the entry, venues need to place sanitizers and face masks if needed. Guests should also have access to protective equipment and cleaning tools at the table, while washrooms are equipped with sanitizers and handwashes. To avoid overcrowding in this area, guests should have a waiting area to maintain physical distance from each other.

Apart from this, other employees such as photographers or makeup artists should have certain rules to follow. Wear masks, sanitize the gears, and keep the distance.

Open-air venue and well-spaced out table arrangements

At a wedding, people would look forward to socializing, but social distancing rules still should be followed. An open-air or outdoor venue will have plenty of space, while well-arranged seatings will reduce many risks. Venues should have bigger tables with limited seatings to maintain the distance, such as a table for 10 now only serve 5 guests.

Tweaking the gourmet

Weddings usually have a lavish buffet or plenty of dishes, this should definitely change. Precautionary measures such as contactless serving or one-person dishes will be the new social distancing norm for weddings.

Besides this, wedding planners will also need to ensure that trustworthy suppliers provide ingredients for food preparation, whose cleanliness is ensured during delivery from the farm to the venue.

Adapt to social distancing norms for weddings

social distancing norms

Handshakes or hugs may need to be avoided during weddings. Couples will prefer to receive gifts placed on a set table and photo sessions can occur without much physical interaction.

With the entire world fighting against the pandemic, it is normal for weddings to follow social distancing norms. But, as long as couples still find ways to be with each other, everything will be fine. In the meantime, stay educated and make safe decisions. If you need any advice, contact us!

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