What Are The Wedding Planner Duties?

What can a wedding planner actually do for your wedding? Probably a lot more than you can expect! Being a key factor for an amazing ceremony, the full scope of wedding planner duties include organization, guidance, advice, and more.

In this post, we are going to break down all the essential duties that a wedding planner has to make your wedding an absolute breeze. You may not even have any idea about them!

Basic wedding planner duties

Typically, wedding planners around the world have these tasks with a couple:

  • Understand the events throughout, which means not just the wedding day, but also ask for the bride ceremony, the rehearsal dinner, after-party, games, and other related events.
  • Stay on top of every style details based on the overall budget.
  • Connect vendors for cooperation.
  • Coordinate the events and create a unified theme.
  • Solving any sudden emergencies to keep the wedding run smoothly.

Well, that is an overall picture, but wedding planner duties often involve more tasks that can happen based on the couple’s needs and budget. These should all be included in the contract with the following services.

Extra wedding planner duties

wedding planner duties

1. Organize the timeline

Even in the beginning, the planning process already involves many details that need to be organized, meet the budget, and stay on a schedule.

So your wedding planner will organize the timeline, make new contracts with vendors, prevent mistakes such as unnecessary changes or rush shipping charges, coordinate vendor arrivals, and remind you of appointments or budget constraints.

2. Create a wedding’s style

Having a perfect wedding from magazines is one thing, but designing your own wedding can be a completely different story. If your wedding planners do design, they can:

  • Give ideas and current trends
  • Create a theme that pulls every element together.
  • Find details that you may have missed.
  • Help choose bridesmaids dresses, bridal gown, or groom’s wear
  • Coordinate the printers, cater, florist, invitation companies, and other aesthetic vendors.
  • Design the tables, lighting, and other visual details.

3. Settle family feuds

Sound like a tv show, but families tend to have many problems making a wedding happen. So wedding planners will have to use their negotiating skills to make the necessary conversations happen.

Things need to be clear so everyone gets on the same page. Whether it is the budget disagreements or culture misappropriation, it is a wedding planner duty to find the mutual ground.

4. Wedding day coordination

On your wedding day, millions of requests would be put upon you with questions, greetings, photography, and more. Wedding planners can help you avoid chaos with:

  • Making sure vendors deliver things in time.
  • Running a rehearsal.
  • Solving any emergencies.
  • Ensure the reception timeline is correct.
  • Make the party happens on time and in place.
  • Collecting your personal items to return to you safely.
  • Returning rental items and let you get the deposit back.

Final words

Do these wedding planner duties surprise you? I bet some of them you’ve never heard of. But that is what we do to ensure an amazing and memorable wedding happens.

If you want one for yourself, feel free to contact us through the contact information below!

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