Why you should propose in Vietnam

After a long time staying at home because of the situation, you may finally realize that your lover is the one you want to spend your life with. But with the world still recovering in the Western parts, choosing a safe and beautiful location in Asia can be the better alternative. What is a better way to warm up your love by traveling to a new destination, enjoying a fresh atmosphere, and giving him/her the ring of eternal love?

This is why in this article, we are going to tell you why you should propose in Vietnam. The country is one of the best countries to handle the pandemic and has so many romantic locations to ask the question. Get ready to start a new chapter of your life now because things are getting better, and maybe she/him has waited long enough.

propose in Vietnam

Here are the reasons to propose in Vietnam:

1. There are many romantic locations to propose in Vietnam

Have you ever seen some of the most beautiful places in Vietnam? From gorgeous beaches in Nha Trang to colorful alleys of Hoi An, couples can enjoy their time together while experiencing one-of-a-kind places. Imagine being immersed in the fresh air of the paradise scene, you take her/his hands to watch the sunset, and the sound of sea waves whispering is blended with the happy voice of “Yes, I do”.

Some romantic locations that you can propose in Vietnam are Sapa, Hanoi, Ha Long, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Phu Quoc island…

2. The country is safe to travel to

Through the pandemic, Vietnam had less than 300 positive cases and no fatality. This is thanks to the government’s quick and determined actions to prevent the spread among the community. So, when you decide to visit Vietnam when things get better, you will see the same set of actions to prevent any unfortunate event.

Just wear a mask and check your health at the airport, then you are ready to enter Vietnam with your lover.

3. It is not expensive to propose in Vietnam

The expense to propose is not costly because most of the beautiful places are free to visit. The traveling cost is also affordable, so you only should carefully consider the budget for rings and photography. With WedinStyle, we often provide you with a full event that has activities, decorations, and photos to make a memorable event. We will make sure that your story is told the way you want when you express the desire to marry your soon-to-be fiance.

4. A wedding can be planned right the way

Just as a proposal, we can take care of weddings quickly. Most of the five-star hotels in Vietnam are affordable and willing to make a wonderful destination wedding. You can fly your relatives and friends to join your big day. Don’t worry about the cost because we can arrange with the revenue organizer for that matter.

5. Wedding and propose service is professional

As the final point, the wedding and propose service in Vietnam have gotten much more professional through the years. WedinStyle has planned many big days for couples from other countries in the most romantic places in the country. Even if you are only thinking about proposing, we are always ready to help with a little consulting.

So, if you are seeing yourself giving your lover a diamond ring in Vietnam, give us a call or email. Our contact information is right below!

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