Top 11 Best Places To Propose To Your Lover

Your proposal is going to be a moment you and your SO will remember forever. It’s the beginning of your life-long journey together, so spend the time figuring out where to propose can ensure a place that’s both meaningful and romantic. The perfect choices are are the ones that prove how excited you are to be entering into this wedding journey and how strong your love is. There are many factors to think about when choosing suitable places to propose, but the most important question is how it will make the person being asked to feel.

Do you really want a proposal story like “He came home from work and brought a ring out while watching TV?” Try to put a little thought into it. If your soon-to-be-married is a social person, find a way to ask her family and friends to be there. If your future spouse is a Marvel fanatic, get Iron Man in on the action. The important thing part is personalizing the occasion to show how you care.

Here are some best places to propose to your lover for inspiration:

1. Where you first met

This is one of the best places to propose because it brings your treasured relationship full circle. Whether any of you knew it at the time, your forever love story started the moment you first met. Celebrate the moment they entered your life by asking them to be your wife/husband in the location where it all happened. Use the details from that special day to recreate your memory. Maybe it was in the classroom, during a party, at your workplace, or just crossing the street.

2. A favorite date spot

If you want to pull off a special surprise, one of the coolest places to propose is a regular spot that you are familiar with. It can be a local pub, a cafe, the movies, or the nearby restaurant, they won’t expect your these spots to be where you ask if they’ll spend their life with you. You can make it more special by having friends and family show up out of nowhere.

3. Where you had the first date

Heading back to where you had your first date is a classic move just like in the movies. It shows the steps that you’ve taken since the first move towards and allows reflection on how far you’ve come. You can recreate your first date and convince the fiancee’s closest family and friends to join at the final stop for a fun celebration.

4. Where the first “I love you” happens

While you’ve probably said “I love you” more than you can count, the first time the three little words were shared were the start of something big. Return to the scene where you wore your heart on your sleeve and take the next big step by asking them to marry you at this romantic place to propose.

5. A family gathering

There’s something special about sharing the engagement moment with your entire family. You can include those loved ones on your special occasion. You can even involve some accidents to make the day seems to be filled with disaster, only for your fiancee to discover that it was all your plan to get an interesting moment.

6. A vacation trip

Whether you’re headed out for some good time in the sunny oceanside, bundling up a for a ski trip in the mountains, or having a cross-country road trip on a car, propose in an unforgettable and personal destination is a surefire way for you both to come home with a cherished souvenir for life.

7. At home (make it special)

Not on the sofa, of course. Use your home as a symbol of your time together and transform it into something memorable. Lay rose petals, have live violins, invite a private chef – it’s up to you to decide how you want to go. The important thing is making your home feel truly special and personal. The at-home proposal often comes with an extremely high success rate.

8. On a rooftop

Take your love to a new level by proposing at a hotel or building rooftop. You can ask the place to help you with decoration, music, and food to make things more special. When looking at the city lights, it is truly a romantic moment to pull out the ring and ask the question. It is a good place to have your friends hide somewhere and make a surprise appearance.

9. Where they work

If they love their job, often hang out with co-workers and boss, you can break up the workday with that important question. While a surprise drop-in is good to go, try to make it more memorable by planning your proposal event based on the fiancee’s everyday work tasks. It is a creative place to propose, for sure.

10. In nature

places to propose

If your dates often include hiking, biking, and exploring, great outdoors may be your best place to propose. From breathtaking waterfalls to being on top of the world, Mother Nature has endless options for a romantic backdrop.

11. The dream wedding venue

Some have been dreaming about their weddings since they were little boys or girls. If your future mate has it all dreamed, give your future spouse some practice time by saying “yes” at the place where they want to say “I do.”

And those are our top places to propose and make your loved one a life-long companion. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comment section below. We can help with planning your proposal too, so don’t mind giving us a call!

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