How To Get Wedding Stage Decoration Right

No wedding truly complete without wedding stage decoration. It is the most focal point of the ceremony – where the bride and groom say the magical vows. The right theme can turn your event into a magical one that you have dreamed of.

Because it is that special, we often put a lot of effort into making every wedding stage just one of a kind. it does require a lot of thought and deliberate preparation, but it is so worth it. So if you want to know how to get your wedding stage decoration right, keep reading this article.

Why wedding stage decoration is important

Simply put, it is where 90% of your wedding ceremony happens. The stage is the place you say the vows, give the rings, and take memorable pictures. In fact, we would suggest you allocate the biggest chunk of your budget for the stage.

Since it is the backdrop for almost every photo of your wedding, you would want your stage to represent your couple’s personalities as much as possible. Let’s see how you can decide on the decoration.

How do you decide on your wedding stage decoration

Before any wedding, we often ask the bride and groom about their story, characteristics, and requests. This gives us an overall idea of how the decoration should look and feel.

The whole venue itself, not just the stage, exists to enhance the mood of your wedding. So, even if you are working with a wedding planner or not, it is still a wise idea to have your own vision of a stage.

List out 3 – 5 feelings that you would want the stage to express, and we will continue from that.

Wedding stage decoration details

The stage area will be elevated and naturally turn into the most focal point of the wedding. Therefore, we need to make it as attractive and beautiful as possible. Here are the elements to pay close attention when doing wedding stage decoration.


wedding entrance

Depending on the selected venue, there are many options for a wedding ceremony entrance. It can be a simple gate, or marked by church doors, or having flower vases by the sides. Whatever it is, make sure the entrance doesn’t look plain. Decorate excessively with garlands, ribbons, and a lot of flowers.


After that, you will be on the aisle to the stage. And a decorated one definitely looks better. Your carpet can have more colors than just red, with scattered flower petals and details along the way. As you walk down that path, it will build your happy feelings for the future with the spouse.


wedding flowers

Whether it is romantic or modern, a lovely arch always makes your wedding ceremony more attractive. When you are giving the long-awaited kiss, it will make a great drop for the memories.


indoor wedding

This is often overlooked, but lighting is vital to a perfect wedding stage decoration. When colors are played along with the music, it creates an atmosphere for every part of the ceremony. And when you want a party at the end, the lights can go wild too!


wedding stage decoration

Needless to say, flowers are always in the picture with wedding stage decoration. To keep the overall look consistent, place your flowers in a certain placement. Consult with the wedding planner and florist to know which type of flowers is suitable, or available.

Final words

That is all, now your wedding stage decoration should look marvelous just as your wedding. When you give each other the ring in front of everyone else, it is sure going to be an unforgettable memory.

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