5 Benefits Of Hiring a Wedding Planner in Vietnam

Most people who have married will tell you that there’s a lot more thought and time that goes into organizing a wedding than they would have ever presumed – we would know it as a veteran wedding planner in Vietnam.

Many people hear the term “wedding planner” and immediately assume either one of two things: 1) “that’s a leisure service that I can’t afford”, and 2) “It’s my wedding, so I should be the one to plan it”. Although that may be right, our experience has shown that these assumptions can cause you more money and grief in the long run. 

Need more reasons why we believe hiring a wedding planner is the best wedding decision you’ll make? Check out the ideas below.

1. Saves You Money

Part of our job is to know the market and business standards; this involves price. We advise our couples on the most important areas to spend their money right. No matter the size of your budget, you would want to get the most beautiful wedding for your buck, and we can surely help you do that. 

2. Saves You Time

An average wedding takes 200+ hours to plan. Yes, you heard that right. Hiring a wedding planner in Vietnam reduces a lot of the back and forth communication. We will serve as the middleman between you and the selected vendors. With we being the point of contact, when the big day comes along, vendors will be used to communicating with us, and won’t bombard the couple and their family with all of the questions.

3. Gives Valuable Advice

A good wedding planner will always know the pros and cons of the wedding industry. For example: which wedding venues can host your wedding size, fit within your resources, yet also give you the atmosphere you desire. It is our job as a wedding planner in Vietnam to know the vendors in Hanoi inside and out; we know which florist to create the perfect bouquet, and which dress can make you look even more beautiful

4. Turn all of the Ideas into your dream wedding

Ask yourself these questions: Who is going to settle all of your vendor’s setup the month before your wedding? Who will build your reception room design and create a detailed timeline for the entire wedding day? Your wedding planner will handle and organize all of these critical tasks. In the weeks and days leading up to your big day, we will do the best for you to enjoy the twilight of your engagement. 

5. Handles Wedding Day “Fires”

Something can always go less than exactly as planned at a wedding. Whether its something big or small, noticeable, or emergency, your wedding planner has the experience to put out these “fires” so that you and your guests don’t even know they happened. It is our job to understand our couples, their vision, and their wishes. A healthy relationship means that we can act on your behalf in those moments.

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We offer several levels of services so that you can decide to what level of involvement you need help with the planning, coordinating, and executing process. Contact us, and we will be the only wedding planner in Vietnam you ever need.

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