A traditional wedding of Linh & Nam

Linh & Nam history

Nam is of Vietnamese descent but was born and raised in France in a family that was not particularly friendly with Vietnam because they lived in Vietnam during the most difficult period. However, he has a lot of love for his country of ancestry.

He spent time studying Vietnamese, learning about Vietnamese Culture, listening to Vietnamese music, drinking Vietnamese coffee, and giving up work as a software engineer to open a Vietnamese restaurant in France. Linh was a Vietnamese student who studied in France, then lived and worked there. Vietnamese love makes these two different personalities and souls intertwined into one.

traditional wedding

Instead of choosing a wedding dress, modern ao dai, and suits, Linh and Nam decided to wear an ancient Ao dai called Ao ngu than (five-paneled tunic ) in their wedding. Linh’s attire has buttons, a standing, and circular collar and small sleeves called “Ao ngu than tay chen”. Meanwhile, Nam’s attire also has buttons, a standing and circular collar, but wide-sleeves which is called “Ao Tac”.


Linh & Nam Wedding

These are considered the national costume of the Nguyen Dynasty and was worn in important ceremonies and occasions such as a wedding, Tet, and worship events. Many people are familiar with the ao dai as a traditional Vietnamese costume, but only a few of them know that in each period, the ao dai has a variation with its own characteristics and design.

The traditional wedding of Linh & Nam

Nam and Linh Wedding is a magnificent culmination of opulent tone, theme, and imagery imbued with national cultural identity. The Vietnamese cultural symbols: Non La and Lotus Flower: To bring out the vibe of a traditional Vietnamese wedding, we had to be meticulous in choosing the venue and the decoration theme.

Thus, Tam Vi restaurant was the perfect venue in Hanoi. As soon as we stepped in Tam Vi, one could feel an amazing atmosphere and the smell of childhood-favorite dishes that could soothe the soul in an instant. The design of window frames and the mahogany brown color are commonly found in Vietnamese old houses. These compliments well with the non la and lotus flower– it was a combination that couldn’t be any better.

Linh & Nam’s wedding is beyond a typical wedding, not only love between a man and a woman, but it’s also of great love for the country. It is an inspiration for young people towards their roots and an invisible thread that links people who are proud of Vietnamese tradition.

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