Wedding style: Vintage Wedding – Your helpful guide to try

Have you ever seen The Great Gatsby and be amazed by the beauty of the previous decade’s clothes? Do you picture yourself in a vintage dress alongside your gentleman on the aisle? Or perhaps just to ride away in an old-style car with the sign of “Just Married”? Whatever it is, this post is to help you get them all covered and have your own vintage wedding.

Vintage surroundings

The most essential parts of vintage revolve are around antique details to create an atmosphere. The key to pulling off a beautiful vintage decoration is to style these old-world elements like lace, weathered accents in such a way that your venue would look aged in a charming fashion—like a time in a bottle. Things will look dazzling and stylish if you can choose the right place.

Vintage decors

You can apply a vintage wedding theme to almost any type of venue. Your chosen space and your wedding planners can help fine-tune your specific style (rustic vintage, vintage glam, secret garden vintage). A ballroom would be perfectly suited for a Gatsby-inspired art deco celebration, while a refurbished barn would be the ideal choice for something more antique or rustic in style. Don’t forget about tablescapes, some used bottles can make a lot of difference

Live music

Nothing says the 70s like some live brass bands with retro stand microphones! And if you worry that won’t be enough, you can totally hire a DJ for the after celebration party. Duke Ellington and Martin Garrix, who say you can’t do that!

Retro invitations

Your save-the-dates and invites set the tone and expectation for the celebration, so try to pick something that can give your guests a little bit of sneak peek of what’s in store. Because of your vintage style, you can try creating mismatched details, combined with highlighting one of your wedding colors or a motif you want to use in other design elements in order to create a sense of consistency.

Stylish sendoff

There are so many fun options that you have for a vintage send-off. You can try birdseed, classic confetti or white rice; or dried lavender for a rustic affair; or you know what? Paper planes for a true old-school feel. Your attendees will have a blast tossing your pick, while you newlyweds make a quick getaway in a vintage set of wheels. Sound like a true 70s movie to me.

That is all, now you can turn on the brown filter and start making your own vintage wedding. If you need any help, some stylish ladies from WedinStyle can certainly help! Contact us through the information below!

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