Wedding style: Bohemian Wedding – 6 easy steps to create

bohemian wedding

Are you and another spirit of freedom about to join hands together forever? Perhaps you would want to celebrate in a non-traditional way such as a bohemian wedding. Can you imagine exchange vows in the middle of a vast forest? An awesome bohemian wedding is untraditional, quite adventurous, and gives you a memorable wedding without the stress of punctuality or management ability.

With that in mind, this is your ultimate 6-step guide to create your own bohemian wedding.

1. Bride & Groom Preparation

For the bride, a perfect bohemian dress is something that is created with full of lace and floral patterns, but it is still comfortable enough to move around in. The final touch of the perfect dress would be a flower crown and you can dance around looking like an angel of the wild.

For the groom, wedding attire is a combination of casual, comfort, and a small portion of nomadic style. Some people just keep going with a suit and still look so fine so try consulting it with your wedding planners.

2. Decoration

The possibilities are practically endless. What you want to achieve in your wedding is a look of eclectic, or some sorts of wandering vibes. The revenue decoration can easily get mismatched because of the various colors so be patient in choosing what to be ornaments.

Lights and colored fabric are often hanged from the ceiling (or some trees—based on where this wedding takes place). Batik rugs and colorfully patterned pillows can be used for more upbeat decoration.

3. The foods

The common bohemian wedding cakes are called “naked” cakes. They are delicious treats with frosting and layers of vibrant berries; the flowers are added as well to give them a beautiful aesthetic look. They may be too good-looking to eat, but everyone will still want a bite.

4. The invitation cards

Free spirits as you are, the invitation cards should be simple and straight to the point. You can have them on brown papers with a simple font and a bit of bohemian decoration. How about the wedding invitation cards having feathers or flowers that look so Instagram-worthy. The choice is up to you!

5. The matching bridesmaids

This is the opportunity for your bridesmaids to feel free and find their favorite looks. It is one of the best parts of a bohemian wedding. The bridesmaids can be dressed in all sorts of different styles, colors, or lengths —as long as they have a bit bohemian spirits.

6. Guest’s service

It is your wedding, so what should your guests have for fun and remember you long after that? Here are a few fun ideas that you can try out. Maybe you can give them very own candles, or some incense to take home and meditate in a loving-smell room. Or, maybe you can give each guest a succulent to bring home. Think of how they can remember you.

That is all the steps you need to create your own bohemian wedding. It is your big day and don’t you be afraid to go for the style you want. If you need help from the experts, just look at the numbers below and contact WedinStyle!

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