Wedding style: Modern Wedding – An easy guide to do it right

It is 2020, and times have changed a lot since the days of your mama’s traditional weddings because of new trends and modern technology. But at the end of the big day, a modern wedding is all about reflecting who you and your fiance really are as a couple.

Your ceremony is the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to tell all your friends and family about your story and what will define you in the marriage road ahead. So read and learn all you need to know about making a great modern wedding for both the couple and the guests.

The venue

This is an opportunity to reflect a couple’s mutual interest, so don’t be scared of ideas. To show intellectual and tasteful, what about a wedding at a museum? For an adventurous spirit, why not a ceremony at a zoo? And if you like to be private, how about going to the jungle all by yourself?

The venue is what you want people to know about and use to describe you. But keep in mind the guests if you want to go with some new ideas. Outdoor or indoor affects all the elder, kids, and handicapped.

The food

The foods can be a way to showcase your couple’s personality and take attendees on a fun trip. Think of special cocktails, funny-looking cakes, or color-matching foods with decorations. And if your cake tastes especially good, the guests may tip their hats off and ask for a weekend learning bakery with you. The chef actually made it, but it is our little secret.

The band

You have to choose not just what kind of band to have but also what kind of songs they will be singing. Special songs that mean something to you and your fiancé will let people know you have a good taste in music together, and some crowd-pleasers are available too to let everyone have fun. When it comes to love, nothing is too cheesy, so focus on having songs that make you have a good time.

The clothes

Searching for the perfect dress and tux/suit is all about reflecting your couple’s style. A pair of converse to show the young energy or pink high heels to demonstrate feminine, it is all fine as long as you feel yourself with them. Just try to keep yourself prettier than your friends and family actually think you are.

The photographs

The photographs give you a chance to be the star of your own movie, not some photos so your children can look at and pass by one day. Are you going to have fun with pictures of you guys partying together or even cosplaying some of your favorite anime characters? Just give the photographers the genre and mood you desire, and they can help to tell a story about that. Our elope wedding service will take you anywhere you want and have your ceremony captured as beautiful as possible.

The vows

Alright, time to get serious. The vow shows everyone how your love is the best love. Say how the opposite person is perfect for you, and this day is meant to be, and this love you will try to keep forever. Also, take some lines to be funny and maybe make fun of your lover a bit. You have your whole life above to do that, so why not try now.

With all this in mind, you can create your perfect modern wedding. Show your style and don’t hold anything back, this is your big day and you and your fiance deserve it. And if you need help to think outside of the box, we are always ready to help. Just connect us at the information below and we will answer in no time.

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