Wedding Style: Indoor Wedding – The Ultimate Guide

indoor wedding

The unpredictability of the weather is no joke for the most important day of a couple, which is why some would decide to have their ceremony and reception in an indoor wedding venue.

Regardless of the weather factor, the indoor venue is also great to control guests, plays, or music. So if you are wondering whether to plan an indoor wedding or not, this is a helpful guide to decide.

How to choose the right indoor wedding venue

indoor wedding

First, let’s try to narrow down your venue choices based on these considerations:


Depending upon how far ahead you’re planning, be prepared with some preferred dates and times (backup as well). If you want to have your wedding during the most popular times of the year, some famous venues names should be crossed off.


The questions you should ask yourself first before choosing location are:

  • Will the venue be easy for all of your guests and vendors to get to?
  • Will the ceremony and reception be at the same place?

Whatever dream spot is for you, it needs to accommodate the practical considerations of having your guests travel to easily, and the distance between the ceremony site and the reception site is not too far.

Food and beverage capabilities

Ask in advance how the venue manage food prep and serving. While some venues have a fully equipped kitchen, some may have only minimal facilities available. In the second case, find mobile food makers for your ceremony.

You also should find out what the venues’ policies are on alcohol if you plan to serve it.

Guest arrangement capabilities

Even if you haven’t nailed down the exact number of invitations, ask how guests they can accommodate, and if there is any flexibility. If you know for sure how many guests will show up, make sure the venue can accommodate it.

If you will be serving a sit-down dinner, ensure that anyone who needs special accommodations gets needed helps (such as old people, wheelchairs, walkers users).

Support available

Another factor that is important is the availability of event planners or other staff members. Find out who will be working on your plans with you, the method to reach them with questions, and what they can take care of for you.

A great staff can make all the difference, or simply have a wedding planner working with them for you.

Technology available

Modern weddings require modern solutions. Check for the venue’s lighting option, wireless internet access, sound systems, and more if you need. Have your plan understood by wedding planners and venue’s staff for any slideshow/video, speakers, or music that may require.

Indoor wedding final consideration

indoor wedding

Plenty of other factors that can influence your location decision. But if you are still in the mist, it is good to know that there are many other options to choose from. So keep reading our wedding style guides to pick which is the best for you.

Comparing to an outdoor wedding, an indoor wedding certainly has more conveniences, control, and safety. But since it is your big day, only you should have the final call.

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