Wedding style: Garden and Outdoor Wedding – 8 tips for planning right

Garden and outdoor weddings naturally have a slightly more relaxed feel with colorful flowers and verdant foliage as the backdrop. But they can also be stylish, glamorous, creative, and perfect to exchange vows for many couples. Above all, brides and grooms crave a wedding experience that’s deeply connected to nature so their own new beginning is reflected in the beauty all around them.

Mother Nature does a great job of decorating, so sparkle up the wonderful atmosphere of a garden venue with the following 8 tips and start planning your own wonderful garden and outdoor wedding.

1. Think about the season:

garden and outdoor wedding

A garden in springtime may show off cherry blossoms, but your wedding can take place all the way in November. So make sure you don’t fall for some visual display that won’t appear on your big day. Most garden venues will open year-round, but the special treats of seasons like the autumnal turning of leaves or purple wisteria on the road can really make a difference.

2. Take care of the guests:

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Whether you are going for formal or casual, you will need to think for the guests and provide shade or shelter. Tents, floor surface, umbrellas, parasols, heat lamps should all be accountable cause you don’t how the weather can turn out.

Pro tip: If there is a chance of fierce winds or heavy rain, ask your planner to have an indoor backup plan at a nearby location. Wedding insurance for such an event is nice too.

3. Define your venue space.

garden and outdoor wedding

Nature means unpredictable, and so is your venue. Your garden and outdoor wedding can be surrounded by brick patios and grass hedgerows, or more unstructured flow of tree. Your event designer should create enough outdoor rooms for necessary elements like table and chairs, cocktail area, dancefloor…

Some kind of signs to guide the guests are needed too so they can find their ways around.

4. Set the mood with lightning

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Kick the romance factor up with twinkle lights placed amongst the trees, light up surrounded walkways with paper lanterns, add in extra chandeliers for a fancy look, you can try all of them.

Luminaries work magic with nature, but make sure you have enough power and safeties in the outdoor venue.

5. Protect against unwelcoming nature elements

garden and outdoor wedding

Outside comes with bugs, bees, ants, and even mosquitos. Work with the site provider to ensure these little guys won’t spoil the party – using candles or pre-event spraying.

6. Decorate in a “natural” way

garden and outdoor wedding

When you are surrounded by nature, it is fun to have some personal touch of your own. Think of antique ornaments to make your sign-in table adorable. Have the bridesmaids wear floral hair accents. Float some edible flowers in cocktails for guests. There are many ways to get creative with a garden and outdoor wedding.

7. Let the music fly in the air

garden and outdoor wedding

For a backyard venue, a live music band with some folk music can stir up the atmosphere. A full list of acoustic songs to set the romantic tone sounds awesome. Let your DJ know what you want, and have a proper dancefloor for the guests to have fun with you!

8. A special menu


A garden and outdoor wedding give you the opportunity to get creative with the menu. How about some barbecue for fun? And who wouldn’t like freshly roasted meat on a summer night? Remember to have plenty of water and nonalcoholic drinks just in case, and don’t forget nearby restrooms.

That is all the 8 tips to plan your perfect garden and outdoor wedding. Have you got some inspiration in mind?

Don’t worry, WedinStyle is always here to help! We have had our experience of walking on the grass and placing the right plants for many ceremonies.

Contact us and let’s start designing your outdoor and garden wedding!

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