Wedding style: Rustic Wedding – 5 steps to plan perfectly

The rustic wedding is one of the most popular wedding themes today. The trend keeps evolving year after year, giving endless possibilities for your special day.

As a matter of fact, Rustic Wedding is among our favorite choices when planning a wedding because of the versatility that makes it perfect for any season.

So in this article, we will take a look at five steps to put together a perfect rustic wedding, and you can see if this is the right choice for you or not. Let’s begin!

1. Check out current rustic wedding trends

Firstly, for inspiration, browse the pictures and styles that modern rustic weddings are taking.

Venues: Popular setting for rustic weddings is usually barns. But lately, places like warehouses, old mills, or even more modern hall can set the mood.

Dinner style: Forget round tables, you can go for long picnic-like tables with the family-style buffet that brings a warm emotion.

Greenery: Centerpieces and bouquets have more greenery and fewer flowers for a natural feel.

Decor: You don’t need to spend a lot, try DIY decor projects like barrels, chalkboards, tree logs, hay bales to get the woody atmosphere.

2. Decide on wedding attire

beach wedding

Grooms: A vest or suspenders can do the trick and match the environment well. Go for a wool vest or suit in the winter and something lighter for the summer, something that is comfortable and breathable. A suit is not required.

Brides: Lace, lot of lace! It is perfect for a rustic wedding. If lace isn’t your thing, a  simple elegant route is good. Play with sleeves, veils, accessories, and shoes to have a comfortable look. You want to be the prettiest, but also have much fun!

3. Charming invitations

A rustic wedding theme is the chance to get creative with your invitations. A little extra rustic feel with some pops of color is playful to start. You may consider adding some special gifts with the invitations like twine or lace to make your attendants join the fun.

4. Hiring vendors

It takes effort to make a good rustic wedding, so some help is always necessary. Planners, coordinators, florists, photographers, caterers… are all available to help you pull off your day.

You can set a meeting with us to discuss all the details, cause girl, you know there are a lot of questions to get it right.

5. Get ready!

Excitement is understandable since it is your own special day, but remember to breathe and have careful planning. If you can make a system or checkboard to keep track of things happening, then go for it.

Everything from cost, items, delivery times, delivery costs… are all important for things to run smoothly.

So that is all, just follow the 5 steps above and start planning your perfect rustic wedding. It is not hard to pull off, but there are still things to manage and take care of carefully.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the hotline, and we will go together through all the steps to make your own special rustic wedding

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