How to Know If You Really Need a Wedding Planner (11 Signs)

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When it comes to wedding planning, everyone needs some help. Whether it comes in the form of a wedding planner or a team of bridesmaids (with the bride at the centre!), is up to you. But how do you know which approach is right for you?

Do you need a wedding planner? It’s one of the first questions brides or brooms typically ask, especially when they see a planner’s pricing. And then, the question that naturally comes is: Is it truly that difficult to plan a wedding by yourself?

It depends. Every couple comes with a different set of circumstances. If you and your spouse-to-be have full-time jobs, don’t particularly love the idea of taking on all of the preparations yourselves or have no idea what you want your big day to look like, having a planner is likely the smart choice. Other couples understand the process and enjoy navigating this new territory together—and are particularly resistant to stress. 

For those of you on not getting there yet, we’ve outlined a few questions that should determine whether or not you should get a planner. Your answers of yes (hire one!) or no (you can go without!) to the majority of the following scenarios should indicate your ultimate choice.

Still, taking on all of the details can be overwhelming no matter what, which is why we typically recommend hiring a professional. And hiring a wedding planner doesn’t mean signing your authority away—and you don’t need this expert to assist you with every aspect of your wedding. Partial packages (at lower price points!) exist, which means you can assign specific jobs out while tackling others on your own. Here, a guide to determining whether or not a wedding planner is right for you.

1. Can you take calls during work, then meet with vendors, and discuss wedding details from the office?

Most of your vendors keep regular business hours, and you will have to make time to meet them during the day or take days off from work to get all your planning done.

2. Are you known for being very organized?

If you don’t know, planning a wedding takes a crazy amount of detail-oriented determination, from the invitations to the seating charts. Then there are schedules, contracts, and everything else that comes with the main event.

3. Do you know where you’re getting married?

If you choose your hometown and you’re getting married at your club, it’s a different situation than getting married someplace new to you.

4. Have your friends or family volunteered to help with the wedding planning?

If they’re more likely to stay back when planning things and you need their help, don’t count on them from the beginning is the better choice.

5. Is the party planning fun for you?

Generally speaking, if you don’t like entertaining too much, you shouldn’t be trying to plan your own wedding because it won’t be fun for you, or the guests either.

6. Are you deadline-oriented?

If you are not, you could lose vendors and thousands of dollars by not getting all your numbers information and payments submitted by the deadline.

7. Are you often a very punctual person who follows schedules well?

If not, you should get a planner who will keep the trains running on time for you, both during the planning and on the big day.

8. Will your fiancé help with the plans?

In the case when one partner is immersed, and the other one resents the time spent, it can cause some pre-marital rifts that are avoidable if you hire somebody else to do the heavy lifting.

9. Do you have that specific bossy friend who will be in charge on your wedding day?

This gal won’t be in the wedding party because she will be the one sending everybody down the aisle in the right order, then check on the cake and the flowers. 

If you don’t have a friend who can go through the planning process with you enough to be the ringmaster on your wedding day, you should consider hiring a wedding planner.

10. Do you grasp the overall concept?

If you don’t understand how to read a catering contract or a hotel’s banquet event order, and you’re not sure who you’re supposed to tip, you need to hire somebody who gets it to make life easier.

11. Does panic set in when you start thinking about your wedding day?

Wedding planning is a stressful process, and you need good mental health to have everything in order.

You don’t have to be having an expensive, giant wedding to have a wedding planner- there is a planner out there for everyone just like we are always here ready to help!

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